Metrology Support Scientist

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Job Title Metrology Support Scientist
Job Reference DIA0717/CG
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Division Science
Salary information Circa £26k
Application deadline 01/06/2012

Job Description

Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron science facility. Located at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, we enable world-leading research across a wide range of scientific disciplines and industrial applications.

The Optics and Metrology Group at Diamond provides expert support to the beamline scientists in the design, acceptance and optimisation of beamline optics, and the development of specialised systems. Metrology testing of X-ray optics is a key activity of the group. These optics range in size from small lenses (a few millimetres wide) to very long mirrors (up to 1.5m in length and weighing >50kg).

We are eager for a skilled scientist to join our team, and work in the Optics & Metrology laboratories. The successful candidate will help to run and optimise a world-class, metrology cleanroom laboratory and associated instruments. They will work in collaboration with scientists and technicians at Diamond to acceptance test and optimise the shape and surface finish of X-ray optics using state-of-the-art instruments.

• Operate a suite of computer controlled, metrology instruments. This includes, but is not limited to, Fizeau- and micro- interferometers, angle measuring devices, visible light microscopes, slope measuring profilers, and scanning probe microscopes.
• Develop and maintain expertise in X-ray optics and metrology instrumentation, and provide state-of-the-art solutions to Diamond scientists.
• Plan measurement strategies with metrology instruments, taking data, analysing it, and presenting this information in a meaningful way to scientists, engineers and manufacturers.
• Liaise with scientists, engineers and manufacturers to help to procure X-ray optics. Represent Diamond at acceptance tests at the manufacturer’s premises.
• General laboratory work, including designing and procuring simple optical and mechanical systems.
• Assist with the installation and commissioning of future upgrades and additions to the metrology laboratory.


Qualification & Experience - Essential

• Appropriate scientific or engineering university degree, or equivalent qualification and experience.
• Technical aptitude to expertly operate computer controlled instruments.
• Excellent IT and data analysis skills.
• Knowledge of optics, such as principles of interferometry and diffraction of light.
• Ability to setup and operate optic instruments like lens systems, lasers, microscopes and interferometers.
• Proficiency in the safe handling of delicate optics and intricate instruments.
• A methodical attitude to plan, perform and document experiments.
• Ability to analyse and communicate complex information to technical and non-technical audiences via coherent reports and presentations.
• Efficient time management and scheduling skills, and ability to prioritise.
• Ability to work on own initiative and take personal responsibility for delivery of work.
• Ability to interact with staff and facility users at all levels, and work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
• Must be able to work flexibly with occasional weekend or out-of hours working, and to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences.

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

• Relevant work experience in at least one of the following areas: optics testing, optics manufacture, precision machinery, computer controlled instruments, cleanroom laboratories, microscopy and interferometry.
• Experience using Windows / Linux / Unix. Ability to create simple software scripts (in Labview, Matlab, EXCEL, Python, Jython, Perl, etc) to automate and synchronise the collection and analysis of experimental data.
• Knowledge of visible light and / or X-ray optic testing.
• Experience of working in a metrology lab / cleanroom environment.
• Familiarity using quality assurance procedures, work planning and safe systems of work.


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