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Synchrotron Services for Industrial Scientists

Welcome to the Industrial Liaison Office. We are a group of specialist scientists with a diverse range of expertise, all dedicated to supporting scientists and researchers from a variety of industries access the facilities here at Diamond. The team has an assorted range of backgrounds and each member is a specialist in a different technique. We are therefore able to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to solving research and development problems.

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Featured Case Studies

A Newton Fund collaboration for the Thai food industry

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The diet in Thailand has traditionally consisted of vegetables, pork, chicken and fish, and many Thais are avid meat lovers. Recently, however, there has been a move towards healthier alternatives to meat, providing a challenge for the food industry to maintain the desired flavour and experience of eating meat, whilst turning to more plant-based sources.


Designing an effective catalyst to convert palm oil waste into sustainable biofuels

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Indonesia is one of the largest suppliers of palm oil in the world, producing 42 million tonnes in 20181. It is also experiencing an increase in car usage, coupled with a growth in imports of fuel.

To overcome this problem, the Indonesian government is driving a move to biofuels. Until recently the fresh fruit bunch from palm oil has successfully been used, however the empty fruit bunch (EFB) and palm kernel shell (PKS) provide a more sustainable source of lignocellulose, a key component in second generation biofuel production.

One prospective method for the biofuel production is conversion of lignocellulose into bio-oil via fast pyrolysis and then upgrading the bio-oil over a catalyst, to remove oxygen. However, the existing alumina-based and noble metal catalysts still suffer from catalyst deactivation due to carbon deposition and metal leaching.


Optimising the conditions for additive manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing (AM), was originally used for creating prototypes, but is now being adopted to create fully functional products. This method of manufacturing allows us to create complex shapes, to exact measurements. It works by fusing together metallic, ceramic or other powders into detailed 3D shapes, layer by layer, using laser light. During traditional manufacturing routes, like casting or forging, microstructures are formed over seconds to minutes. During AM, the intense laser heating melts and solidifies the materials in milliseconds, forming very different microstructures.


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