Data Management

There are a number of ways to view your data including from the home page which shows your previous and next visits, and from the visits page which shows all visits for the currently selected proposal. Click a visit to see data collections associated with it

Select Visit

Using either of these methods will show a list of data collections for a particular visit

Viewing Data

From this page you can view diffraction images for each data collection, crystal snapshots, and DISTL plots. You can search through data collections using the search box on the right and filter data collections by type using the list of filters on the top

Auto processing results from the Fast DP and XIA2 pipelines can be displayed by clicking the "Auto Processing" header. "Downstream Processing" shows results from the Fast EP and DIMPLE pipelines

Dimple Results

Results from Edge Scans are also displayed along with the calculated values from CHOOCH

Dimple Results

MCA spectra are also displayed along with peaks identified automatically via AutoPyMCA

Dimple Results

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