Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to I Indicate I am Coming to Diamond?

    The Principal Investigator or Alternate Contact on your proposal will need to submit the Session Investigators form in UAS. To be included as a Session Investigator you need to:

    1. Register in UAS
    2. Watch the Health and Safety video
    3. Take and pass the Health and Safety Test
    4. Read the User Codes relevant to your experiment.
  • Where Can I Find the Health and Safety Video?

    Please follow the link to our Health and Safety video and test. This must be completed before you can be added as a Session Investigator to come to Diamond. 


    There are no facilities at Diamond for you to complete this test on site.

  • Can I Bring Samples and Equipment to Diamond?

    All samples and equipment your bring to Diamond must be declared on the ERA and this must be validated before you come to site.

    All electrical equipment brought to Diamond must carry a valid PAT testing sticker.


  • Can I Ship Samples to Diamond?

    Often it is simpler, safer and more cost effective to ship samples to Diamond. If the sample is delcared on a validated ERA you can ship it to Diamond, following the guidance of the HSE.

    Please follow the guidance given in the Sample Shipment section on the Before you Arrive page.

  • Can I Bring Radioactive Samples to Diamond?

    You can bring radioactive samples to site, subject to them being declared on a validated ERA. Please see the section on Safety Requirements on this page for full details.

  • How Should I Travel to Diamond?

    Users are expected to make their own travel arrangements. Where Diamond is due to pay the costs, travel should be by the most economic and practical means. 

    Please see our policy and guidance on Travel, Subsistence and Accommodation for full information.


    Please contact Diamond if:

    • you plan to use a Hired Vehicle as this must be approved in advance
    • you plan to use a taxi to or from Diamond as this must be booked via the User Office.


  • Can Diamond Help With my Visa?

    If you require a visa to travel to Diamond please contact the User Office who can provide a letter of support once the session investigators form has been submitted and you are on it.


    Diamond do not reimburse any costs associated with obtaining a visa.

  • How do I Get in to Diamond?

    When you arrive at Diamond you will be given an access card. This is usually at the main secruity gate to site. The card will be pre-loaded with the appropriate access for your session.
    If there are difficulties with your card please contact the user office (ext. 8571).
    Please wear your access card at all times and return the card, along with the lanyard at the end of your session.
  • What Subsistence Can I Claim?

    Please see our policy and guidance on Travel, Subsistence and Accommodation for full information. 

    If you are eligible for fincial support from Diamond:

    • you can claim up to £8 for a meal the evening before your experiment starts
    • your user card will provide up to £16 per day to spend on the Harwell Campus
    • if you are housed off site, you can claim up to £15 per day for a meal off site where it is necessary for you to eat off site.
  • Where Can I Get Food and Drink?

    Breakfast is provided with all accommodation bookings made by Diamond.


    Tea, coffee, drinking water, milk and sugar are available in all the Diamond kitchens with no charge.


    Vending machines are provided in the kitchens in zones 3, 7 and 11.


    While the Diamond machine is running, meals can be obtained in the:

    • R22 Canteen (Mon-Fri 7:30am to 9:30am, 11:45am to 1:45pm and 6pm to 8pm, Sat-Sun 12noon to 1:30pm and 6pm to 8pm)
    • R1 Coffee Lounge (Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 4pm)
    • Electron Cafe (Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 4pm)

    Please note, while the Diamond machine is not running R22 closes at 4pm on Friday and reopens at 7:30am on Monday.


  • How is Accommodation Organised?

    Once the Investigators form is submitted in UAS the User Office will make all accommodation bookings you have requested. Where Ridgeway House is not available, the User Office will book alternative local accommodation as well as making open taxi bookings to facilitate travel to your accommodation as necessary.

  • How do I Find Out What Accommodation is Booked for Me?

    Once the session has been booked, all session invesitigators will receive an email presenting the booked arrangements. The email will specify where you are staying. In addition it contains a link to the session in UAS, providing full information on accommodation and taxi bookings. 

    Any costs incurred due to failure to read the email and linked information will not be reimbursed by the User Office.

  • What Insurance Does Diamond Provide in Relation to Users?

    Diamond has a Public and Products Liability insurance policy that provides indemnity where Diamond is legally liable to pay damages and claimants costs for injury to third parties or loss of or damage to property in the course of Diamond’s business.
  • Can I Change the Session Bookings?

    While it is not possible to change the scheduling of the session, we understand that sometimes things change and it is necessary to change the arrangements for a session. Please do this as soon as possible, accepting that the nearer it is to your session start, the less flexible we are able to be. 


  • What Happens if my Access is Cancelled?

    In the case that allocated beamtime does not become available to the user due to the malfunction of the Diamond soure or beamline, Diamond cannot guarantee that such lost time will be reallocated. 

    Action will be taken to mitigate against the consequences of the lost beamtime. 

    Full details can be found in the Guidelines for Cancelled Beamtime document.

  • Who is my Local Contact?

    You can identify the Local Contact for your session at Diamond in UAS.

    The Local Contact is the scientist at Diamond who will train you and help you with your experiment here. 

    You can find details to contact your Local Contact by phone or email from within the appropriate instrument on the Diamond website.


  • What Are Experimental Hall Coordinators?

    Diamond has a team of Experimental Hall Coordinators (EHCs) who provide a 24 hour service, ensuring the smooth running of the Synchrotron Building.  


    If you have any problems out-of-hours the EHC on duty will be able to contact the on call scientist to support you. Often it is the EHCs who will support you with requests for products such as gases and liquid nitrogen.


    The EHCs are also trained first aiders.


    If you are unsure what to do, and are not able to contact your Local Contact, the EHC is a good person to ask for advice. They are available on extension 8787 from any Diamond phone.

  • What Should I do About Accidents or Near Misses?

    Diamond reviews all accidents and near-misses regularly to improve our processes. Please ask your Local Contact or an EHC (8787) for an Inicdent Report Form which should be completed and given to the Local Contact or EHC who will pass it to the Diamond SHE team. 


    Should you observe any unsafe condition or act, please report the situation to your Local Contact/Experimental Hall Coordinator as soon as possible.

  • What Should I do in an Emergency?

    If you discover a fire, please sound the alarm by activating the nearest break glass. 


    The fire alarm is a ringing bell, followed by a recorded message that will inform you to evacuate the building. Please leave the building by the nearest exit and go to the muster point. If you are in the synchrotron building this is at zone 1, underneath the link bridge. If you are in Diamond House this is in the car park at the front of the building. 


    If you require first aid, please see the list displayed in each beamline to identify a first aider who can provide assistance.


    If you are unsure, please contact the experimental hall coordinators on 8787.

  • Can I Work Alone at Diamond?

    Working alone at Diamond is strongly discouraged, particularly where the experiment is complex or more hazardous. However, in some circumstances lone working is necessary. Please inform the EHCs (8787) who can ensure they make regular checks. If you are lone working and leave Diamond, please notify the EHC so they know this is no longer necessary. 


  • How Can I Provide Feedback About my Diamond Session?

    We review all user feedback regularly at Diamond. After each session the Principal Investigator, Alternate Contact and Team Leader will be prompted to provide Diamond with feedback through UAS.  

  • Do I Need to Write a Report For Diamond?

    All proposals require a report once the session scheduled in that proposal are complete. The Principal Investigator and Alternate Contacts will be prompted to do this in UAS.

  • How do I Acknowledge Diamond in my Publications?

    Please include any Diamond employees as authors in your publication if they have made a significant contribution to the published research.

    In addition, please acknowledge Diamond with the statement:

    "We thank Diamond Light Source for access to beamline XXX (proposal number) that contributed to the results presented here." 


  • How do I Claim for Reimbursement?

    All session investigators who are eligible for finanacial support will receive an email from the online claims system. Please see the claims section of this page for full details of how to claim. 

    Please note: all claims must be recieved within 3 months of the session end date.