Registering Samples

Registering Samples in Container

To register samples, it is first necessary to create a new shipment, and detail information on all proteins.

  1. Ensure sample registered on UAS
  2. Create Shipment
  3. Create Protein
  4. Register Samples

Once a Shipment has been created click the "Add Container" button on a dewar in the shipment

Add Container

This will take you to the register container page. Here you can register samples for this puck.



  • Firstly you need to select the puck from the drop down at Registered Container.
  • After that each sample needs to be given a protein acronym and sample name as a minimum.
  • Barcode and spacegroup can also be specified if needed. 
  • Automated collection should be selected if Unattended Data Collection is to be carried out.
  • Priority Processing: This defines which autoprocessing pipeline is given the highest priority. Lower priority taks will be run on a lower priority queue, and will usually take longer to complete.
    • Availiable pipelines are:
      • XIA2/DIALS
      • XIA2/XDS
      • Autoproc
  • The owner of the puck will get updates about the samples within that puck, this can be selected from the list of contacts availiable on UAS.

When a protein acronym and sample name has been specified ISPyB considers the sample to be valid and shows this as a green circle in the puck graphic. You can navigate to a particular sample position by clicking on the puck graphic.

Finally to save your new puck click "Add Container" at the bottom of the page

Cloning Samples in the Puck

Samples can be cloned from the first line of the table using the Clone from first sample button:


This will populate all spaces in the puck:

Cloned Lines

Lines can be deleted or altered to add different samples to a puck.

Automated Phasing Pipelines

To run automated phasing pipelines (Fast EP or Big EP)  the anomalous scatterer must be supplied in the sample registration. 

Adding an Anomalous Scatterer

Finally to save your new puck click "Add Container" at the bottom of the page

Using the ISPyB Excel Spreadsheet

Although not recommended, ISPyB supports the old style Excel Spreadsheet. First fill in the spreadsheet as you would usually.

Populated Spreadsheet

Now select the current spreadsheet using CTRL-A (CMD-A on Mac) to select the spreadsheet. Depending on your location in the sheet you may need to press this twice.

Selected Spreadsheet

Now press CTRL-C (CMD-C on Mac) to copy the contents of the selection to the clipboard. Now go back to ISPyB2 and click the "Paste from Spreadsheet" button


Paste from Spreadsheet

This will show a popup. In this popup press CTRL-V (CMD-V on Mac) to paste the contents of the clipboard, then click "Insert"

Popup Pasted

The copied samples will now be inserted into the current puck

Pasted Samples

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