Shipping Samples

Shipment of Dewars

UK and EU based academic users can ship using Diamond's DHL account via ISPyB. Only shipments undertaken using this method will be able to be reimbursed by Diamond.

Non EU, and industrial users can also arrange their shipment with DHL in ISPyB but must supply their DHL account number. Alternatively, they can arrange their own courier for incoming and outgoing shipments.

All user should specify full details of their shipment in ISPyB before shipping. This is used to confirm safety of samples being shipped to Diamond.

Shipment to Diamond

All EU and NI users, using Diamond's DHL account, should be aware that they should not directly create an airwaybill in ISPyB and should contact (Academic MX) (Industrial) or (EBIC) respectively, and follow the appropriate guidance below.

Shipment to Diamond

Origin Shipment arranged by
  Diamond with DHL User

Shipping to Diamond from UK (DHL)

Shipping to Diamond from UK (User's courier)

Non UK (Includes NI)

Shipping to Diamond from Outside UK (DHL) Shipping to Diamond from Outside UK (User's Courier)


Internal transfer at Diamond

After your experiment if you wish to keep your dewar(s) at Diamond for another visit.

Your dewar(s) wil be stored properly and topped up regularly with liquid nitrogen until your next visit.

Shipment from Diamond

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