Automatic Software Pipeline

Strategy estimations are carried out on datasets with fewer than 20 images

 Data reduced using fast_dp, xia2 and autoPROC

If a pdb file is provided, difference maps can be generated by DIMPLE

If a sequence file is provided, MrBUMP will run automatically to find a molecular replacement solution

If data integration highlights the possibility of anomalous signal and an anomalous scatterer is specified in ISPyB, experimental phasing is carried out with Fast ep and/or Big ep

Strategy calculation with EDNA and Mosflm

Strategy calculations are automatically carried out for every data collection of fewer than 20 images using Mosflm and EDNA Mxv1. EDNA MXv1 is run automatically with preset parameters 4 times, and will pick up the spacegroup specific for the sample in ISPyB (unless it is P1). It is possible to specify additional strategy preferences that will be run in addition to the standard 4. All results can be downloaded to the GDA.

Data reduction with fast_dp, XIA2 and autoPROC

Each sweep of data will be automatically reduced with fast_dp, XIA2 and autoPROC without any additional input. If you have set the spacegroup of the sample in ISPyB, it will be used in fast_dp.

You can re-run fast_dp and Xia2 though DAWN and XIA2 can also be used from the CCP4i GUI. XIA2 and autoPROC can also be run from the command line on the Diamond cluster.

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Please ask your local contact for more details.

Difference map calculation with DIMPLE

For DIMPLE to run automatically after data reduction with fast_dp, the model pdb (including cryst card) should be to a protein within ISPyB. When adding or editing a protein there is an additional section to upload a pdb file. Once defined, any sample that makes use of this protein will automatically invoke DIMPLE when data is collected. These only need to be defined once per proposal, and automatically works on any visit. PDB files must be stripped of ligands or DIMPLE will fail.

´╗┐You can re-run DIMPLE through the CCP4 GUI or through DAWN.

 Examples:  Given a dataset with filename:


then dimple will run for pdb files named:

but not for

(note underscores and dashes)

Alternative spacegroups can be requested like this:

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Please report issues to your local contact.

Molecular replacement with MrBUMP

For MrBUMP to run automatically after data reduction with fast_dp, the sequence should be added in ISPyB. Once defined, any sample that makes use of this protein will automatically invoke MrBUMP when data is collected.

Add Protein

Experimental phasing with Fast EP

Fast EP is a brute force experimental phasing pipeline using the fast DP MTZ file and the SHELX suite to produce a map, if certain parameters are met in the dataset. No additional information is required.

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Experimental phasing with big EP

Big EP is an advanced experimental phasing pipeline using the output of autoprocessed xia2 MTZ files. It assesses the quality of anomalous signal using the SHELX suite and automatically runs AUTOSHARP, AUTOSOL and CRANK2 to phase and build a model. It will do this without any prior information but if you provide a sequence and a heavy atom in ISPyB for your crystals this can improve success.

Your results can be found in the processed folders of your visit and summary info and map and model viewer are available in ISPyB. Note that these processes take some time to run following the xia2 jobs so it is worth periodically checking in ISPyB for new results.

Identification of fluorescent elements with AutoPyMCA

When you take a fluorescence spectrum PyMCA will automatically be triggered to look for some of the common elements used in MX. A guide to interpretting the results can be found here.

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