Preparing for Beamtime

To be able to use your beamtime, a few things need to be done beforehand. 

UAS (User Admininstration System)

  • Make sure your PI has completed the safety paperwork in UAS
  • Make sure you are a registered user (with FedID and password). Please check that you are fully registered and complete any missing information.
  • Ensure that you have been added to the session and check travel and accommodation.
  • Ensure that investigators coming to Diamond have completed the online safety training within UAS, and follow any further advice from the User office.

Samples and experiment

Time Line for MX Experiments at Diamond Light Source

When Who Action Tools
3-6 months before PI Registers samples as part of beamtime application.



> 2weeks before PI

Registers users and any extra samples


cancel shift if you can’t use it.



 email [email protected] for cancellation

> 1 week before Users Check necessary requirements all in place to conduct experiment and test connection to Remote Access
> 4 days before Users Prepare shipping dewar including shipping information in ISPyB and prints labels. Use matched number Unipuck bases and lids. 


Shipping Samples

> 3 working days before Users Ship ISPyB labelled dewars to Diamond including return label with shipment. 


Shipping Samples

> 1 day before Users Should have received notification of arrival of dewar at Diamond. If no notification check dewar tracking with courier and ISPyB.
> 1 day before Users Upload samples in ISPyB.


Upload samples

> 1 day before


Users Browse MX website and check the beamline page. If any questions call or e-mail your local contact (LC).


> 1 hour before Users Login using No Machine (NX). Remote Access
< 2 - 0 hours LC/EHC Will contact user to inform beamline available.  GDA messenger/ Email to user
0 - 8 hours Users

Run experiments.

If you finish early, call LC/EHC. 

01235 778787(EHC) or contact number LC provided you with

8 hours Users Complete experiments, unload last sample and make hutch safe.  
> 8 hours Users/LC/EHC Remove samples and put in storage dewar and attach included return label for return shipment.  
Prior to and up to 1 day after Users Request dewar back. Shipping Your Dewar Home
> 1 day Diamond Stores Dewar collected by shipping company.  
> 1 day Users Complete feedback form sent by the User office. UAS
> 2 days Users Dewar received   
> 2 days Users If eligilble claim appropriate academic use costs from diamond





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