MX Training

User Training

MX user training is normally delivered three times per year on-site at Diamond, and invitations are sent to principle investigators and alternate contacts within each group to identify appropriate candidates. The aim is to provide MX users with sufficient training to be able to operate any of the Diamond MX beamlines efficiently and to get the most benefit from their beamtime. However, in response to the current coronavirus situation, we are taking training online in the form of webinars, to which all MX user groups are welcome. 

MX Webinars

The first webinar was on Monday 22nd June, entitled: "Transformation of MX beamtime at Diamond – news, views and updates on access and features to respond to user needs", details and recordings can be found here.

Details of our next webinar will be published soon. Any requests for future training webinars can be directed to

Additional Training Resources & Links

There are a wealth of resources available to assist scientists to learn more about macromolecular crystallography, and some of our favourites are listed below:

Online Courses:



  • CCP4 - for documentation and tutorials as well as links to their workshops including the one jointly hosted by CCP4 and Diamond annually.
  • MX Manuals: Each of our beamlines has a manual describing the technical aspects of sample creation, data collection and data processing on our beamlines. Many share common pages, and is the best place to look for Diamond specific queries


  • Biomolecular Crystallography by Bernhard Rupp (ISBN 9780815340812)
  • An Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation by Philip Wilmott (ISBN 9781119280392)

If you can recommend further resources, or want to share your own resources for this page, please let us know on

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