HyperSpy 2020

Mar 02. till Mar 03.

HyperSpy 2020

This workshop is geared towards electron microscopy users who are interested in HyperSpy for their data analysis.

During this two-day workshop we will cover the basics of data handling in HyperSpy and then provide example work-flows for typical datasets that Users acquire at ePSIC. This will include spectroscopy datasets in STEM, i.e. spectrum images with EELS and / or EDXS, and also large 4D-STEM datasets acquired using the Medipix detector on E02. Machine learning toolboxes available within HyperSpy and their application on various data types will also be discussed.

We will also have a dedicated session for participants to bring their own data with specific questions to discuss regarding data analysis in HyperSpy.

02/03/20202020-03-02 - 03/03/20202020-03-03
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK