Diamond-II Webinar: New nano-ARPES Beamline Proposal

Nov 09. till Nov 09.

Diamond-II Webinar: New nano-ARPES Beamline Proposal

This webinar is your opportunity to gain insight into the Structures and Surfaces Group's flagship proposal for a new nano-ARPES Beamline. This proposal forms part of the science case for Diamond-II, a co-ordinated programme of development that includes a major machine upgrade.

A user working group has been convened to prepare a full proposal for presentation at the December SAC/Disco meeting. As part of the proposal preparation, we would like to hear from the user community. Please join us for this webinar which will present the current draft of the proposal produced by the user working group and give opportunities to ask questions and provide further input for the document.

Please find the proposal background and agenda below, along with the link to download the webinar as a calendar appointment with the Zoom details.

09/11/20202020-11-09T14:00:00 - 09/11/20202020-11-09T15:00:00
14:00 - 15:00
Online via Zoom

Proposal Background

A new beamline for nanoscale spatially resolved angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (Nano-ARPES) is proposed as part of the Diamond-II project. ARPES is a powerful and direct probe of the band structure in solid state materials, providing unparalleled information on the important electronic states that govern characteristics including superconductivity and novel states of matter (e.g. Topological Insulators, Weyl Semimetals) amongst many others. Beamline I05 currently provides world leading capability for ARPES experiments and consists of a high resolution (HR) branch and a Nano-ARPES branch. The design of the current Nano-ARPES branch is constrained in a number of ways; the smallest size is limited by imaging the photon source on the exit slits, the optimal energy range is different to that on the HR branch, the coherence of the beam is compromised and space constraints limit the associated infrastructure such as glove boxes around the equipment. In addition, beamline I05 is one of the most highly oversubscribed beamlines at Diamond (typically >4x). This proposal is to build a fully optimised beamline for spatially resolved ARPES at Diamond II that would provide beam sizes of <100nm to enable measurements on, for example, artificially nano-engineered structures or devices under biasing conditions. This proposal forms the first phase of expanding the synchrotron based ARPES capabilities at Diamond-II, with the long term aim of adding spin-resolved ARPES onto the current I05 branchline and implementing lasers for pump-probe experiments. This will be outlined within the context of a strategic development of ARPES in the UK.

Provisional webinar agenda - please note the following timings are GMT (UK time zone):         

14:00-14:15 | Diamond-II and proposal introduction, Chris Nicklin (Structures & Surfaces Group Leader, Diamond)

14:15-14:30 | Science Case

14:30-14:45 | Technical Aspects

14:45-15:00 | Q&A 

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Find out more about the Diamond-II programme here, and download the Diamond-II | Advancing Science science case here.

This webinar forms part of the second stage of user engagement for the Structure and Surfaces Group's proposals. In 2018, an introductory workshop was held for users to discuss the project's potential benefits for research and to help further develop the science case and direction for the machine upgrade. You can revisit the event page here.

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