Genoveva Burca


Dr Genoveva Burca is the Principal Beamline Scientist for the I12 (JEEP) beamline and also Visiting Scientist at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778281

Key Research Areas

materials and environmental science; methods and instrumentation in neutron and x-ray imaging /diffraction


Latest Publications

Research Expertise



Materials science and engineering

E. R. Carreon Ruiz, J. Lee, J.I. Marquez Damian, M. Strobl, G. Burca, et al., Spectroscopic Neutron Imaging for Resolving Hydrogen Dynamics Changes in Battery Electrolytes, 2022,

K. Fogarty, E. Ametova, G. Burca et al., Recovering the second moment of the strain distribution from neutron Bragg edge data, Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 164102, (2022),​

E.R. Carreon-Ruiz, G. Burca, M. Cochet, et al., Study of Phase Changes in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes via Spectroscopic Neutron ImagingECS Meeting Abstracts MA2021-02(1):128-128, DOI:10.1149/MA2021-021128mtgabs​​

T. Zillhardt, G. Burca, D. Liu, T.J. Marrow, In situ mechanical loading and neutron Bragg-edge imaging, applied to polygranular graphite on IMAT@ISIS​, Experimental Mechanics, (2021),

J. Strickland, B. Nenchev, K. Tassenberg, S. Perry,  G. Sheppard, H. Dong, R. Zhang, G.Burca, N D'Souza, On the origin of mosaicity in directionally solidified Ni-base superalloys, Acta Materialia, (2021),

T.  Maimaitiyili, S. Munktell, G. Burca et al., Residual stress and heat treatment studies of additively manufactured stainless steel by neutron imaging and diffraction, Swedish Neutron Week (2021), SWN.pdf

J. Strickland, K. Tassenberg, G. Sheppard, B. Nenchev, S. Perry, J. Li, H. Dong,​ G.Burca, J. Kelleher, S. Irwin, 2D single crystal Bragg-dip mapping by time-of-flight energy-resolved neutron imaging on IMAT@ISIS, Scientific Reports 10, 20751 (2020)

A. Jacob, A. Mehmanparast, J. Kelleher, G. Burca, Neutron diffraction and neutron imaging residual strain measurements on offshore wind monopole weldments, Structural Integrity Procedia (2018), vol 13, 517-522,

J.C. Khong, D. Daisenberger, G. Burca et al., Design and Characterisation of Metallic Glassy Alloys of High Neutron Shielding Capability, Scientific Reports (2016), doi:10.1038/srep36998

Life sciences/ Geoscience/ Palaeontology/ Cultural Heritage

L. Cherns, A.R.T. Spencer, I.A. Rahman, R.J. Garwood, ​C. Reedman, G. Burca, ​M.J. Turner, ​N.T.J. Hollingworth, J. Hilton, Correlative tomography of an exceptionally preserved Jurassic ammonite implies hyponome-propelled swimming, Geology, (2022),

T. Mawodza, M. Menon, N. Murincagi, O. Magdysyuk, G. Burca, S. Casson, Investigating root architectural diferences in lines of Arabidopsis thaliana. L. with altered stomatal density using high resolution X‑Ray synchrotron imaging, Plant Soil, (2022),

F.A. Borges, G. Burca et al., Correlative neutron and X-ray tomography imaging of pile installation in chalk, Geotechnique, (2022),

J. Koestel, J. Fukumasu, M. Larsbo, A.M. Hermann, P. Ariyathilaka, O.V. Magdysyuk, G. Burca, Potential of combined neutron and X-ray imaging to quantify local carbon contents in soil, European Journal of Soil Science, ​(2021), doi.o​rg/10.1111/ejss.13178

T. Mawodza, M. Menon, H. Brooks, O. Magdysyuk, G. Burca, S. Casson, Preferential wheat (Triticum aestivum. L cv. Fielder) root growth in different sized aggregates, Soil and Tillage Research, Vol 212, (2021), 105054,

A. Syed, Y. Tanino, J. LaManna, D. Jacobson, D. Hussey, E. Baltic, G. Burca, A portable triaxial cell for beamline imaging of rocks under triaxial state of stress​, Measurement Science and Technology, (2021), 10.1088/1361-6501/abeb94

T. Mawodza, M. Menon, ​M. Babaei, G. Burca, O.V. Magdysyuk, Assessing the impact of irrigating with saline water on physical properties of a sandy loam soilCO Meeting Organizer EGU21 (, EGU2021​

​A. Bridarolli, M. Odlyha, G. Burca, J. Duncan, F. Akeroyd, A. Church, L. Bozec, Controlled Environment Neutron Radiography of Moisture Sorption/Desorption in Nanocellulose-Treated Cotton Painting Canvases, ACS Appl. Polym. Mater., 3 2, 777–788 (2021),

G. Burca (editor), The First International Workshop on Neutron and X-Ray Imaging Applications in Life Sciences and Biology (NXLSB1) (2020),

​T. Ma​wodza, G. Burca, S. Casson, M. Menon, Wheat Root System Architecture and Soil Moisture Distribution in an Aggregated Soil using Neutron Computed Tomography, Geoderma (2020) vol 359,

G. Burca, S. Hillier, P. Ariyathilaka, J. Fukumasu, A.M. Hermann, M. Larsbo, O.V. Magdysyuk, J. Koestel, Potential of combined neutron and X-ray imaging to quantify local carbon contents in soilCO Meeting Organizer EGU2020 (, EGU2020

T. Mawodza, M. Menon, S. Casson, G. Burca, Visualisation and quantification of wheat root system architecture and soil moisture distribution in an aggregated soil using neutron computed tomographyCO Meeting Organizer EGU2020 (, EGU2020

​​T. Clark, G. Burca, R. Boardman, T. Blumensath, Correlative X-ray and neutron tomography of root systems using cadmium fiducial markers, Journal of Microscopy (2019)

G. Burca, S. Nagella, T. Clark, D. Tasev, et al., Exploring the potential of neutron imaging for life sciences on IMAT, Journal of Microscopy (2018),

R. Van Langh, J.A. James, G. Burca, et al., New insights of alloy compositions by studying renaissance bronze statuettes by combined neutron imaging and neutron diffraction techniques, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, vol.26 (2011), Issue 5, p.949-958,

Software development

K.O. Bangsgaard, G. Burca, E. Ametova, M.S. Andersen, J.S. Jorgensen, Low-rank flat-field correction for artifact reduction in spectral computed tomography, 2022, ​ 

J. S. Jørgensen, E. Ametova, G. Burca, G. Fardell, E. Papoutsellis, E. Pasca, K. Thielemans, M. Turner, R. Warr, W. R. B. Lionheart, P. J. Withers, Core Imaging Library -- Part I: a versatile Python framework for tomographic imaging, Philosophical Trans of the Royal Society A, (2021),​​​​

E. Ametova, G. Burca, S. Chilingaryan, G. Fardell, J. S. Jørgensen, E. Papoutsellis, E. Pasca, R. Warr, M. Turner, W. R. B. Lionheart, P. J. Withers, Crystalline phase discriminating neutron tomography using advanced reconstruction methodsJ. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54 325502, (2021),​ 

J. S. Jørgensen, E. Ametova, G. Burca, G. Fardell, E. Papoutsellis, E. Pasca, K. Thielemans, M. Turner, R. Warr, W. R. B. Lionheart, P. J. Withers, Core Imaging Library -- Part I: a versatile Python framework for tomographic imagingarXiv:2102.04560

​E. Ametova, G. Burca, G. Fardell, J. S. Jørgensen, E. Papoutsellis, E. Pasca, R. Warr, M. Turner, W. R. B. Lionheart, and P. J. Withers, Joint reconstruction with a correlative regularisation technique for multi-channel neutron tomography, In 16th_Virtual_International_Meeting.pdf ( (pp. 431-434)

A. Liptak, G. Burca, J. Kelleher, E. Ovtchinnikov​, J. Maresca, A. Horner, ​Developments towards Bragg edge imaging on the IMAT beamline at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source: BEAn software, Journal of Physics Communications​ (2019),

F.M. Pouzols, et al., Neutron imaging data processing using the Mantid framework, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 746, no. 1 (2016), 6th European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS2015), Zaragoza, Spain

E. Yang, et al., Data optimised computing for heterogeneous big data computing applications, IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2016), Santa Clara, CA, USA, 2015, pp. 2817-2819, doi: 10.1109/BigData.2015.7364087


G. Burca, W. Kockelmann, J.A. James, M.E. Fitzpatrick, Modelling of an imaging beamline at the ISIS pulsed neutron source, Journal of Instrumentation, 8 (2013), no 10,

W. Kockelmann, T. Minniti, D.E. Pooley, G. Burca et al., Time-of-Flight Neutron Imaging on IMAT@ISIS: A New User Facility for Materials Science, J. Imaging 4 (2018) 47; 10.3390/jimaging4030047

T. Minniti, K. Watanabe, G. Burca, et al., Characterization of the new neutron imaging and materials science facility IMAT, Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A 888 (2018) 184–195,

K. Watanabe et al., Characterization of a neutron sensitive MCP/Timepix detector for quantitative image analysis at a pulsed neutron source, Nucl Instrum Meth A 861 (2017): 55-63,

G. Festa, et al., Characterization of γ-ray background at IMAT beamline of ISIS Spallation Neutron ​Source,  JINST 12, no. 08 (2017): P08005, doi:10.1088/1748-0221/12/08/P08005

K. Watanabe, et al., Evaluation of Wavelength-Dependent Detection Efficiency of Neutron-Sensitive Microchannel Plate Detector, Sensors and Materials 29, no. 10 (2017): 1447-1453, doi:10.18494/SAM.2017.1625

​W. Kockelmann, G. Burca, et al., Status of the Neutron Imaging and Diffraction Instrument IMAT, Physics Procedia, 69 (2015), 71-78,

W. Kockelmann, S.Y. Zhang, J.F. Kelleher, J.B. Nightingale, G.Burca, J.A. James, IMAT a new imaging and diffraction instrument at ISIS, Physics Procedia, 43 (2013), 100,

A.M. Paradowska, A. Tremsin, J.F. Kelleher, S.Y. Zhang, S. Paddea, G. Burca,  J.A. James, et al., Modern and Historical Engineering concerns investigated by neutron diffraction on Engin-X, Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering 6, no. 6 (2012): 408-418, doi:10.1299/jmmp.6.408

Techniques development (neutron imaging & diffraction)

G. Burca, J.A. James, et al., A new bridge technique for neutron tomography and diffraction measurements. Nucl Instrum Meth A, 651(1), (2011) pp. 229–235,

G. Burca, J.A. James, et al., Tomography driven diffraction experiments. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Neutron Wavelength Dependent Imaging, 6-9 June 2010, Saporo, Japan

J.A. James, G. Burca, Image driven diffraction. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Neutron Wavelengt​h Dependent Imaging, 12-15 July 2009, Abingdon, UK

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