Shipping Your Dewar Home

To ship your dewar home, wait for the email notification that your dewar is ready to be returned. Then log into ISPyB and select the "Shipments" page from the proposal menu.

Shipments menu

Click on the shipment that contains the dewar you want dispatch back home. Next you click the small “house” symbol in the last column of the information for the dewar that you want to dispatch.

Dewar to ship home

You will be redirected to a webpage with the title "Request Dewar Dispatch". Please fill out the visit and the contact details. 

  • If Diamond has arranged your shipment, and covered costs, please indicate DHL as courier.
  • If Diamond has arranged your shipment, but does not cover costs (i.e. an industrial shipment using DHL arranged by diamond), please indicate DHL as courier, and provide your account number.
  • If arranging your own courier
    • Provide details of the courier, including your account number.
    • Request dispatch at least 1 working day before courier pickup is arranged for diamond stores.
    • If you are arranging pickup by a courier, ensure pickup is within stores hours of 8am-4pm Mon-Thursday, 8am-3pm Friday. 
    • If we need to add any paperwork or airway bill, please give full details in the comments, and a copy of details and airway bill to 
    • If you have included a return airway bill in the shipment case, please indicate this in the dewar dispatch request.
    • If you require diamond good handling to arrange pickup on your behalf, ensure the courier information and account number is supplied, and instruction given in the dewar dispatch request, and by email to

request form

Then click "Request Dewar Dispatch" at the bottom of the page.

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