Super Resolution Imaging Developers Symposium 2019

Jun 27. till Jun 28.

Super Resolution Imaging Developers Symposium 2019

Super resolution imaging is the new frontier in the world of bioimaging and allows the investigation of intricate biological processes at a molecular level. As imaging methods develop organically in response to the needs of current research targets, new technology is emerging in optical design, sample preparation as well as data collection, processing and analyses. Often these exciting new developments have the potential to contribute extensively to many research topics and need to be communicated as widely as possible across the research community.

The Super Resolution Imaging Developers Symposium aims to address these issues and promote information exchange and networking amongst researchers developing super resolution microscope hardware, software and image analysis in the U.K. and across the world.

The meeting is hosted jointly by the correlative cryo-imaging beamline B24 and Micron, a Wellcome Trust funded bioimaging consortium located within the University of Oxford, and will consist of short talks from developers in the field as well as extensive discussions on methods, instrumentation, data collection and method applications.

27/06/20192019-06-27 - 28/06/20192019-06-28
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• Thomas Huser (Bielefeld University, Germany)
• Sara Abrahamson (University of Santa Cruz, USA)
• Jacopo Antonello (Oxford University, UK)
• Carlas Smith (Delft University, The Netherlands)
• Ruth Sims (Institute de la Vision, Paris, France)
• Nick Hall (University of Oxford, UK)
• Kseniya Karabchevskaya (University of Oxford, UK)
• Peter Dedecker (University of Leuven, Belgium)
• Cvic Innocent (Center for Life Science Boston, USA)
• Nick Barry (LMB Cambridge, UK)
• Debora Olivier (Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, France)
• Maria Harkiolaki (Diamond Light Source, UK)
• Paul Verkade (University of Bristol, UK)
• Dave Clarke (CLF, RAL, UK)
• Marcel Muller (University of Leuven, Belgium)
• Mick Phillips (University of Oxford, UK)
• Ugis Sarkans (BioImage Archive, EBI, UK)
• Francis Wong (IDR, Dundee)
• Jana Koth (WIMM Oxford, UK)
• Nadia Halidi (Micron, Oxford)
• Christoffer Lagerholm (WIMM Oxford, UK)
• Mark Leake (University of York)
• Rainer Kaufmann (Hamburg University, Germany)
• Ian Dobbie (Micron, Oxford)

Historical Perspective and Objectives

The first Super Resolution Developers Imaging Symposium, hosted by Micron, took place at Oxford University last year, and brought together experts in the field of super-resolution imaging to discuss current projects and developments in their respective specialisations. As a result, a budding community of developers has been established to enable knowledge exchange and collaboration.

To allow the continuation of this effort, the correlative cryo-imaging beamline B24, is jointly hosting the 2nd Symposium on Super Resolution Imaging specifically for developers in the field, this year on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory campus, situated about 20 miles south of Oxford. 

Diamond Light Source is a leading establishment in the design, construction and delivery of cutting edge imaging methodology to the wider research community and offers a natural setting for the promotion of emerging methods and the fostering of community links.

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