Aberration Corrected PEEM at Diamond

Jan 29. till Jan 29.

Aberration Corrected PEEM at Diamond

This workshop will provide a forum to explore with the user community the exciting opportunities that will be made available by the new PEEM on IO6. The workshop will allow the user community to provide input on the upgrade in order to maximise benefit for their research activities (e.g. beam focus, sample preparation, sample surface treatments and complementary in-situ characterization techniques).

29/01/20192019-01-29 - 29/01/20192019-01-29
Diamond Light Source


Massimo Ghidini and Sarnjeet Dhesi

Research in magnetism continues to be a hot topic in condensed matter physics. Magnetic materials are not only key ingredients of today's memories, sensors and actuators, but they are key for future applications in spintronics, energy harvesting and micro-systems. In both bulk materials and thin films, new properties continue to be discovered at the nanoscale, where high resolution magnetic imaging techniques like X-ray Photoemission Electron Microscopy (X-PEEM) are key to providing mechanistic insights.

The installation of a low-temperature aberration-corrected PEEM on IO6 will represent a substantial upgrade in the imaging capabilities that will be offered to the magnetism community in the UK and beyond. The enhanced spatial resolution will offer insights in the studies of chiral spin structures (magnetic skyrmions, domain walls, vortices). The lower temperature range will extend the exquisite imaging capabilities of PEEM both to emerging and established classes of materials (e.g. 2D magnets, multiferroics, superconducting spintronics devices).


All attendees are need to register for the workshop (see link below). For information on the layout of the day please check the 'Delegate Information' page. 

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Invited Speakers

Paolo Radaelli
University of Oxford
Neil Mathur
University of Cambridge
David Grinter
Diamond Light Source
Jason Robinson
University of Cambridge
Peter Wadley
University of Nottingham
Stuart Cavill
University of York
Roger Bennett
University of Reading
Geoff Thornton
University College London
Jurek Sadowski
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Vincent Cros
Claudio Gianetti
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Helder Marchetto
Elmitec GbmH


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