Time Resolved & Dynamic Studies

Time Resolved & Dynamic Studies

With the high X-ray brightness available at 3rd generation light sources such as Diamond, the latest high-speed detector technology and powerful data collection and data analysis software, it is now possible for dynamic in situ studies with time resolution on the second to millisecond time-scales to be performed routinely. There is also an increasing effort to develop a range of experiments that are designed to study dynamic effects in materials on time-scales of microseconds to picoseconds by exploiting the temporal structure of the stored electron beam.
In this workshop, a range of talks will be presented that span the range of time-scales that are currently being studied using a variety of different synchrotron techniques: e.g. the dynamic imaging of transient physical processes; phase transitions studied by diffraction; post-impact shock measurements in materials; and the structural chemistry of photo-excited states determined by stroboscopic pump-probe single-crystal diffraction techniques.
The presentations will cover dynamic structural effects spanning lifetimes in the minute to picoseconds time-scales and will be of interest to those who wish to study dynamic effects in their own research areas.
Organisers:  Dave Allan & Chiu Tang 


Rudi Winter – University of Aberystwyth
Paul Raithby – University of Bath
Stephen Moggach – University of Edinburgh
Bob Cernik – University of Manchester
Daniel E Eakins – Imperial College
Andrea Cavalleri - Max Planck Inst., Hamburg
Geoffrey D Bromiley - University of Edinburgh
Urs Staub - PSI, Switzerland 

Programme Wednesday 3rd September 2014 - User Meeting Day 1

11:00  Registration, coffee
11:30  Welcome & facility update
12:15  Lunch (RAL restaurant)
12:45  Poster session
13:30  Welcome & facility update (DRA/CCT)
13:40 Single Crystal Photocrystallography – Watching Chemistry Happen
Paul Raithby, Bath
14:20  Dynamic strain measurements after shock impact in minerals and ceramics
Rudolf Winter, Aberystwyth 
15:00  Tea and coffee
15:30  Dynamic X-ray imaging of transient physical processes during impact loading
Daniel Eakins, Imperial
16:15 Ultrafast manipulation of magnetic, electronic and crystal structure probed by x-rays
Urs Staub, PSI
17:00  Move to lecture theatre
 17:15   Poster prizes
17:30  Keynote speaker
18:30   Drinks reception
19:00  Conference Dinner (RAL restaurant)


Programme Thursday 4th September 2014 - User Meeting Day 2


Optical Control in High Tc Superconductors
Andrea Cavalleri, Max Planck Inst

 09:45 In-situ gas adsorption studies at modest and extreme pressures and temperatures within metal organic frameworks
Stephen Moggach, Edinburgh
 10:30 Coffee (Diamond atrium)
 11:00 In-situ dynamic electrical and structural measurements of Functional Ceramics
Carlo Vecchini, NPL
 11:45 Imagining melt processes in planetary deep interiors: new techniques in tomographic imaging at extreme conditions
Geoffrey Bromiley, Edinburgh
 12:30 Lunch