MX & Circular Dichroism

MX and Circular Dichroism (CD) - 5th MX user workshop

The 5th edition of the MX user workshop will be a joint MX and Circular Dichroism (CD) workshop with updates on beamline, capabilities, software, and access. The meeting will include sessions on the use of MX and CD to address crystallisation, protein/ligand binding, and natively disordered structures. 

Organisers: Thomas Sorenson & Giuliano Siligardi

Programme Wednesday 3rd September 2014 - User Meeting Day 1

 11:00  Registration, coffee
 11:30  Welcome & facility update
 12:15  Lunch (RAL restaurant)
 12:45  Poster session

Dave Stuart – Diamond life science
Armin Wagner – I23
Gwyndaf Evans – VMXm
Giuliano Siligardi – B23

 15:00  Tea and coffee
 15:30  Software at Diamond
Paul Hathaway – GDA
Jonathan Grimes – Inverse beam and mini-Kappa
Alun Ashtun – Scisoft
Rohanah Hussain – CD-Apps
 17:00  Move to lecture theatre
 17:15   Poster prizes
 17:30  Keynote speaker
 18:30   Drinks reception
 19:00  Conference Dinner (RAL restaurant)


Programme Thursday 4th September 2014 - User Meeting Day 2

  CD and MX part 1

High throughput Circular Dichroism (HTCD) and Protein Folding Quality Control (PFQC)
Prof. Giuliano Siligardi, Diamond Light Source

 09:30 Parking ligands in the hormone binding site of transthyretin
Prof. Steve Wood, Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins, UCL Medicine
 10:00 Molecular basis of HIV immune escape from T-cells
Dr David Cole, Cardiff University School of Medicine
 10:30  Coffee (Diamond atrium)
 11:00 User access/tools
Sue Judge – UAS how to use it for the next submission
Pierre Aller – remote access
Stuart Fisher– ISPyB2
 11:30 User discussion
Chaired by Dave Lawson and John McGeehan
 12:30 Lunch
  CD and MX part 2
 13:30 Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes binding to helix DNA structures
Dr. James Hall and Dr. John Brazier, University of Reading 
 14:00 Structural determinants for the regulation of SERCA by Calumenin
Prof. Thomas Sorensen and Dr. Marco Mazzorana, Diamond Light Source
 14:30 The use of x-rays and SRCD in membrane protein research
Dr. Isabel de Moraes, Imperial College and MPL (Diamond)
 15:00  Finish