Coherence, Diffraction and Imaging

Coherence, Diffraction and Imaging

The Coherence, Diffraction and Imaging workshop will focus on imaging techniques and applications with emphasis on coherent imaging and diffraction. Other experimental methods such as scanning and/or soft X-ray microscopy and full-field imaging will also be addressed.
Coherent diffraction imaging techniques are being continuously developed and are now matured for scientific applications. The workshop addresses the recent technical developments as well as the scientific challenges of coherent diffraction imaging in the competitive world of X-ray microscopy.

Programme Wednesday 3rd September 2014 - User Meeting Day 1

 11:00  Registration, coffee
 11:30  Welcome & facility update
 12:15  Lunch (RAL restaurant)
 12:45  Poster session
  Session I - Coherent Imaging
 13:30 X-ray coherent and decoherent imaging
Pierre Thibault, University College London
14:00 Aberration for good use – a single-shot coherent imaging approach with the aid of a modulator 
Fucai Zhang, University College London
14:20 The ptychographic sampling condition and decomposition of mixed states
Darren Batey, University of Sheffield
14:40 High sensitivity and flexibility of the edge-illumination phase contrast approach
Fabio A Vittoria, University College London
 15:00 Tea and Coffee
  15:30  Investigation of strain and defects in microcrystals using coherent x-ray diffraction
Guillaume Beutier, SIMAP, France
16:00 Dark field, microscopic and tomographic implementations of edge-illumination phase contrast imaging
Marco Endrizzi, University College London
16:20 Holographic X-ray Imaging Methods
Mirna Saliba, Diamond Light Source
16:40 Discussions
17:00  Move to lecture theatre
17:15   Poster prizes
17:30  Keynote speaker
18:30   Drinks reception
19:00  Conference Dinner (RAL restaurant)


Programme Thursday 4th September 2014 - User Meeting Day 2

  Session II: Imaging with fluorescence , diffraction and IR
09:00 Microfocus XANES-CT, XRF-CT and XRD-CT on single catalyst particles before and during liquid phase hydrogenation
Stephen Price, Diamond Light Source
 09:25 Constraining the settings of aqueous alteration in the early Solar System by microfocus X-ray spectroscopy
Ashley King, Natural History Museum , London

Carbon dioxide diffusion in cordierite and beryl: SR-FTIR imaging
Francesco Radica, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy

10:30 Coffee (Diamond atrium)
11:00 High-energy in-situ dynamic imaging of shock-compressed materials
Michael Rutherford, Imperial College London

Peering into the Rock: A 4D Synchrotron Study of Salt Solution Movement Within Masonry Sandstone
Emma Fairley, University of Glasgow

 11:50 Micro-CT imaging of reservoir condition CO2 during multi-phase flow in natural rock
Matthew Andrew, Imperial College London
 12:30 Lunch