Geoscience Workshop details

The Geoscience workshop will feature research using a number of different synchrotron radiation techniques such as XAS, infra-red and diffraction. We will have keynote talks on the use of scanning X-ray microscopy in environmental science, which is timely as I08 will welcome its first user this year, and on the study of radionuclides at Diamond.
In addition studies into alkaline earth carbonates, extra-planetary materials and the use of XANES to study Fe oxidation state will feature. Both STFC environment futures networks will make small presentations.

Organiser: Fred Mosselmans and Paul Quinn

Invited Speakers

Kath Morris - University of Manchester
Tom Scott - University of Bristol
Susanna Direito - University of Edinburgh
Sam Shaw - University of Manchester
Pieter Bots - University of Manchester
John Bridges - University of Leicester
Madeleine Humphreys - University of Durham
Martin Obst - University of Tübingen
Ashley King - Natural History Museum
Mark Hodson - University of York
Stephen Thompson - Diamond Light Source

Programme Wednesday 3rd September 2014 - User Meeting Day 1

 11:00  Registration, coffee
 11:30  Welcome & facility update
 12:15  Lunch (RAL restaurant)
 12:45  Poster session
 13:30 The BIGRAD Consortium – bright light and deep geological disposal
Kath Morris, University of Manchester
14:10 Lumps, bumps and flammable powders - nuclear waste viewed in a new light
Tom Scott, University of Bristol
14:40 Geo-Rep-Net
Susana Direito, University of Edinburgh
14:50 Env-Rad-Net
Sam Shaw, University of Manchester
15:00  Tea and coffee
15:30  The formation of stable uranium(VI) colloidal nanoparticles in radioactive waste geodisposal relevant conditions
Pieter Bots, University of Manchester
16:00 Comets, asteroids and Mars: microfocus spectroscopy analyses of planetary materials
John Bridges, University of Leicester
16:30 Iron oxidation state in volcanic rocks, from magma generation to eruption
Madeleine Humphreys, University of Durham
17:00  Move to lecture theatre
17:15   Poster prizes
17:30  Keynote speaker
18:30   Drinks reception
19:00  Conference Dinner (RAL restaurant)


Programme Thursday 4th September 2014 - User Meeting Day 2


Update on current and future Diamond beamlines used by the geoscience community
Fred Mosselmans, Diamond

09:30 Feedback on geoscience opportunities at Diamond
09:45 The fate of metals in the environment - mechanisms enlightened by 2D and 3D spectromicroscopy
Martin Obst, University of Tübingen
10:30 Coffee (Diamond atrium)

Constraining the settings of aqueous alteration in the early Solar System by microfocus X-ray spectroscopy
Ashley King, Natural History Museum , London

11:30 Earthworm balls - using synchrotron beamlines to map out the distribution of different polymorphs of biogenic calcium carbonate at high resolution
Mark Hodson, University of York
12:00 Thermal transformations in modified calcium carbonates: when geology meets biology
Stephen Thompson, Diamond
12:30  Lunch