Jun 11.


Medipix3 collaboration meeting of 2014

Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

Event Details

The detector group at Diamond, a member of the Medipix3 collaboration since 2007, is glad to invite the fellow members of the Medipix collaboration to Diamond Light Source for the external collaboration meeting of 2014.

Taking place over 2 days, the first day of sessions will be dedicated to the Medipix2 and 3 Open meetings, with the second day split between Medipix2 and 3 restricted meetings and technical and brainstorming sessions. The first day will also offer delegates an opportunity to tour Diamond and attend a dinner at the Jam Factory in the Historical City of Oxford.


The detector group at Diamond realized significant detector developments based on the Medipix3 chip. These detectors are EXCALIBUR, a large area detector using 48 Medipix3 chips with a fully parallel read-out system developed in collaboration with STFC, MERLIN, a compact and versatile system to read-out up to 4 Medipix3 chips, and LANCILOT, a beam position monitor developed in collaboration with the University of Manchester.

In addition to being installed in several beam lines Merlin is the standard development platform of the detector group to test and study Medipix3 assemblies. It is presently used by the detector group for the work of the EU funded joint research activity HiZPAD2 to study CdTe assemblies operated in colour mode.

Merlin is offered commercially by Quantum Detectors.

Excalibur front end. Each of the three sensors has 16 chips flip chip bonded.

One of the first test images of Excalibur


Coherent diffraction pattern of a test chart – photon energy 7.4 keV

Coherent diffraction pattern of a Siemens star sample – photon energy 7.4 keV

Merlin system

Quad head for the Merlin system

One of the first test images for Quad sensors read out by the Merlin system

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