Connection to Diamond

Remote Access

New remote access is available at Diamond to login on MX beamlines or NX cluster. Remote access is available from Linux, Mac OSX and Windows computers.

Summary of instructions in video:

  • Download and install the latest NoMachine client for your operating system from NoMachine.
  • If you are the system admin (e.g. at home), make sure routers and servers are working normally (usually a after reboot).
  • Run the installed NoMachine client
  • First time users create a new connection using the Protocol: NX
  • Set hostname to (ensure port is set to 4000)
  • Use password authentication and don't use a proxy
  • Give a name to the new connection, e.g. "Connection to"
  • Open this new connection - use this next time you want to access Diamond
  • Enter your FedID and Password
  • Choose Create a new virtual desktop.
  • If you don't have scheduled beamtime you will automatically be connected to a node of the compute cluster.
  • If you have beamtime choose the beamline you wish to use (you will only be presented with beamlines you have time on).
  • If you want to process and analyse data, copy data home, etc then please use the "Automatically select a node" icon - don't use beamline workstations for this work.
  • In some instances after logging in you may be presented with many icons for connections to other users desktops. Please click on the All Desktops at the top of the screen and change to My Desktops.
  • Now click Create a new desktop or custom session.
  • Then click Create a new virtual desktop and select a beamline or automatically select a node as described above. 
  • Remember to log out at the end of your session.

Testing Connection Speed

  • Follow the above instruction or video/
  • Please connect to a node of the compute cluster. This will be run automatically if you do not have scheduled beamtime
  • Open firefox and test whether a video stream (i.e. Youtube) will run without dropping frames. This should be sufficent for data collection with GDA

Contact us if you have any problems.

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