Remote Backup

Remote Backup


Full instructions for transferring data to your home institution can be found here:

* Note that in order to use Globus FTP as a personal endpoint,  you must enable access to certain ports in the firewall. More details of that can be found here:

For fast data transfer of up to 20Gb, you must connect to Diamond with nomachine and "push" out the data to your local computer. To back-up data remotely please follow these instructions:

  1. From your computer open NX player and connect to
  2. Once connected to Diamond, open a terminal window and use sftp, scp or rsync

Command  for scp:

 scp -r /dls/beamline/data/year/visitnumber/mydata/ username@local-computer:/where/to/backup/my/data


  • /dls/beamline/data/year/visitnumber/mydata/ by the path where your data are
  • username by your username on your local computer
  • local-computer by the name of your local machine or ip address
  • /where/to/backup/my/data by the destination directory on your local computer


Important Note:

On Diamond computer you will find your image files in the directory:

/dls/beamline/data/year/visitnumber/ replace "beamline" by i03, i04, i04-1 or i24


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