Oxana Magdysyuk


Oxana V. Magdysyuk is a Beamline Scientist on I12. She joined Diamond in 2014 after working for Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Germany) and Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research (Germany) 

Email: oxana.magdysyuk@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778717

Key Research Interests

Latest Publications

Research Expertise


in situ investigation of structural phase transformations by powder diffraction.

– crystal structure determination from powder diffraction data.

– application of diffraction and imaging (X-ray tomography, neutron tomography, X-ray Compton imaging) for battery research.

in situ investigation of metals solidification by combined tomography and diffraction

– combination of X-ray tomography and neutron tomogrpahy

– development of fast diffraction data acquisition with Pilatus 2M CdTe detector and real-time diffraction data analysis techniques

– sample environment for in situ experiments: development, implementation on the beamline and maintenance (high-temperature NNUF furnace, high-temperature Linkam furnace, high-temperature ODISC furnace, LN2 cryostream, Large Electromagnet, in situ chemical synthesis experiments)

– scintillators and imaging optics improvements


Non-research interests: 

– operational and safety procedures for measuring radioactive samples on Beamline I12-JEEP

– creating and maintaining the website of Beamline I12-JEEP


Supervisor or co-supervisor:

– Carissa Ponan, PhD student, 2020 - 2023. Project: " In situ X-ray diffraction studies of pharmaceutical solids at variable temperatures and high pressures under mechanochemical conditions".

– Sara Morris, Year-in-Industry student, 2020 -2021. Project: " Crystal Structures and Phase Transformations in the MgSO4.nH2O and NiSO4.nH2O series". Sara is Young Crystallographer Group poster prize winner, BCA/BAGG Joint Spring Meeting, 29 March - 1 April, 2021.




University College London, UK

- Dr. Kreso Bucar, Prof. Gareth Williams, Prof. Christoph Salzmann,

Projects: Mechanochemical synthesis of pharmaceutical co-crystals; Combined DSC and XRD measurments; Structure determination of pharmaceutical co-crystals from powder diffraction data.


University of Birmingham, UK

- Dr. Biao Cai

Project: In situ tomography and diffraction during alloys' transformation.


G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry, RAS

- Dr. German L. Perlovich, Dr. Artem O. Surov

Project: Structure determination of pharmaceutical co-crystals from powder diffraction data.


Neutron and Muon Source, UK

- Dr. Dominic Fortes

Project: Crystallization kinetics of inorganic hydrates.

1) C. Huang; M.D. Wilson; K. Suzuki; E. Liotti; T. Connolley; O.V. Magdysyuk; S. Collins; F. Van Assche; M.N. Boone; M.C. Veale; A. Lui; L.R. Jowitt; R.-M. Wheater; C.L.A. Leung. Spatial quantification of lithium-ion diffusion and intercalation behaviour in a vertically oriented electrode microstructure with a porosity gradient. (submitted).  

2) A. Surov; V.A. Vasilev; M.V. Vener; O.D. Parashchuk; A.V. Churakov; O.V. Magdysyuk; G. Perlovich. Pharmaceutical salts of fenbendazole with organic counterions: structural analysis and solubility performance. Crystal Growth & Design. (2021). 21(8), 4516–4530. 

3) Z. Song; O.V. Magdysyuk; L. Tang; T. Sparks; B. Cai. Growth dynamics of faceted Al3Fe4 intermetallic revealed by high-speed synchrotron X-ray quantification. J. Alloys Compd. (2021) 862, 158604.

4) J. Koestel; J. Fukumasu; M. Larsbo; A.M. Herrmann; P. Ariyathilaka; O.V. Magdysyuk; G. Burca. Potential of combined neutron and X-ray imaging to quantify local carbon contents in soil. European Journal of Soil Science. (2021) Accepted.

5) T. Mawodza; M. Menon; H. Brooks; O.V. Magdysyuk; G. Burca; S. Casson, Preferention wheat (Triticum aestivum. L cv. Fielder) root growth in different sized aggregates. Soil and Tillage Research. (2021). 212, 105054.

6) A.D. Bonaccorso; D. Papargyriou; A.F. Cuesta; O.V. Magdysyuk; S. Michalik; T. Connolley; J.L. Payne; J. Irvine. Time-resolved in-situ X-ray diffraction study of CaO and CaO: Ca3Al2O6 composite catalysts for biodiesel production. J. Phys: Energy. (2021), 3, 034014.

7) Y. Chen; S. Clark; L. Sinclair; C.L.A. Leung; S. Marussi; T. Connolley; O.V. Magdysyuk; R. Atwood; G, Baxter; M. Jones; G. McCartney; I. Todd; P.D. Lee. In situ and operando X-ray Imaging of Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing. Nat. Commun. (submitted, arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.09087)

8) Z. Ning; D. Spencer Jolly; G.Li; R. De Meyere; S.D. Pu; Y. Chen; J. Kasemchainan; J. Ihli; C. Gong; B. Liu; D. Melvin; A. Bonnin; O. Magdysyuk; P. Adamson; G.O. Hartley; C.W. Monroe; T. Marrow; P.G. Bruce. Visualising plating-induced cracking in lithium anode solid electrolyte cells. Nat. Materials. (2021), 20, 1121–1129. 

9) Yim, C.M.; Panja, S.N.; Trainer, C.; Topping, C.; Heil, C.; Gibbs, A.S.; O.V. Magdysyuk; Tsurkan, V.. Loidl, A.; Rost, A.W.; Wahl, P. Strain-Stabilized (π, π) Order at the Surface of Fe1+xTe. Nano Letters. (2021). 21(7), 2786–2792.

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11) Chen, Y.; Clark, S.J.; Huang, Y.; Sinclair, L.; Leung, C.L.A.; Marussi, S.; Connolley, T.; Magdysyuk, O,V.; Atwood, R.C.; Baxter, G.J.; Jones, M.A.; Todd, I.; Lee, P.D. In situ X-ray quantification of melt pool behaviour during directed energy deposition additive manufacturing of stainless steel. Materials Letters, (2021). 286, 129205.

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