• Do I need cryo-EM images to apply?

    Yes you will need to show that you have good quality cryo-EM grids prepared, with cryo images and 2D classes showing clear secondary structure.

  • How many samples can I bring for a session?

    Each 48 hour session is designed for data collection on one sample only and is normally enough to enable a high resolution structure determination.  Sessions are  designed for collection of a full data set from an optimised sample. 

    We recommend bringing 12 grids and we will load 8 of these.

    You could bring a back up sample, provided;

    • you appreciate you will have to choose which sample to collect from on the day, and this extra deliberation will take up valuable data collection time,
    • the experimental methods, and therefore microscope set up, would be the same for the second sample,
    • the second sample was also in your agreed proposal,
    • you have entered the sample in the ERA and it has been approved (please allow 2 weeks).


  • Should I choose the Rapid or BAG proposal route?

    Rapid proposals generally provide 2 days of microscope time, which should be allocated within 6 weeks of the closing date of the call.

    BAG proposals provide large amounts of time for an institution/group of users over a 2 year* period with allocated time starting 6 months after acceptance.

    *Every 6 months progress reports must be submitted for the BAG to continue.

  • When are the Rapid call deadlines?

    Every 3 months (1st January, April, July and October).

  • When are the BAG call deadlines?

    Every 6 months (1st of April and 1st October).

  • I have an MX BAG - can I apply for eBIC time through this?

    No you will need to make a new application.

  • How many people do I need for a BAG application?

    There is no minimum requirement for the number of researchers within a BAG, applications  will be assessed on the number and quality of the scientific projects contained within the proposal.

  • Are all four Krios equivalent?

    Yes they have the same specification.

  • Which detector should I use?

    This is sample dependent, please review the instruments page, or contact your local contact in advance of your session.

  • Should I bring USB HDDs?

    We recommend FTP/Globus be used to transfer  data to your home institution.

  • How do I check my data?

    You can log into one of the Linux machines in the eBIC user office or SSH from a Mac. You will need your FedID and password to use Nomachine from a Mac or Windows machine.

    The data path is:

    /dls/{beamline}/{year}/data/{visit number}/

  • Adding to an existing dataset

    If you want to add more images to an existing dataset please advise us and we will try and schedule your microscope time accordingly.

  • How do I acknowledge eBIC?

    "(We acknowledge) Diamond for access and support of the Cryo-EM facilities at the UK national electron bio-imaging centre (eBIC), proposal EM####, funded by the Wellcome Trust, MRC and BBSRC.”