For transferring more than about 20GB, we highly recommend using the Globus website for transferring your files.
This is the fastest way to transfer high-capacity datasets to your institution's network or your own computer.


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    If you do not have a Globus account, you can sign up on the website.


    • Log in with your Globus ID, or sign up if you don't have one

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    The file transfer interface.


    You will transfer data FROM Diamond's endpoint, TO your institution/personal endpoint.

    • Type the following into one endpoint field and click 'Go'.

    You will be prompted to fill in your FedID and Diamond password.

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    1. Your institution endpoint
    Transfer to your institution's server to save personal diskspace. Only available if your institution has a Globus account.




    2. Your personal endpoint
    Transfer to your own computer file system.

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    Each endpoint is named institution#project (e.g. the Diamond endpoint is


    • Search your institution's endpoint by typing the name of your institution in the endpoint field. Suggestions will automatically appear.

    If you cannot find it, contact your institution's IT department to see if they have an endpoint set up.

    If your institution don't have an endpoint, we recommend that you make a request to your institution that a Globus Connect Server is set up by sending them this form to complete.


    • Alternatively, you can set up your own personal endpoint (see step 5. below)
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    If your institution doesn't have a Globus endpoint, you can create your own endpoint to transfer files to your personal computer.

    • Click 'Get Globus Connect Personal'


    • Choose your endpoint name (that will be prefixed with your username) and click 'Generate Setup Key'


    Copy the setup key. We recommend pasting this somewhere (e.g. into a plain text document) for safe keeping until you need it again.

    • Download and install Globus Connect Personal for your operating system (Mac, Linux, or Windows)



    Follow the standard download and install instructions

    • When installation is complete, paste your setup key into the box when prompted and click 'OK'


    If you want to amend the folder that Globus will access, you can do this by clicking on 'Yes' when prompted

    • In the options window, add another transfer folder by clicking the plus symbol


    • Browse to the location you would like to be able to transfer files to and from, and click 'Choose'


    • To remove location from the available list ('Accessible Folders'), select it and click the minus button


    • In the General tab, choose whether you would like Globus to run when Windows starts, or to automatically check for updates



    • Click 'Save'

    You are now set up ready to send and receive files via the Globus web interface.


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    • Browse to your data in the Diamond folders with the following Path:





    • Navigate to the folder you want to transfer to in your institution or personal endpoint


    • Select the files or folders you want to transfer and click the blue arrow to make the transfer

    Click 'More Options' to set your transfer settings


    • See the 'Activity' notice at the bottom of your Transfer Files page to check transfer status.

    You will receive an email with the transfer details when it is complete


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