For transferring more than about 20GB, we highly recommend using the Globus website for transferring your files.
This is the fastest way to transfer high-capacity datasets to your institution's network or your own computer.


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    If you do not have a Globus account, you can sign up on the website.




    • Login with your organisation logon if listed in “Use your existing organisation login” . 
    • If your organisation is not listed as "Identity provider",  use one of options listed below to singup for one.




    • Log in with your Globus ID, or sign up if you don't have one

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    Once you are logged into globus web app, you will be presented with FileManager/Collection tab.


    •  Search for name of our endpoint (collection):

                 Diamond Light Source Data


    • First time access to our data collection will require user to authenticate to our domain.
    • Click Continue. The user then will be required to fill in FedID/Password via our organisation’s central authentication service.   




    • With successful authentication, the endpoint will automatically list data directory(ies) as seen below and user acces to data will be granted.
    • Is to be noted that access will be denied if a user has no local account in our endpoint or if not member of the specific group(s) in that visit.


    acess data



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    1. Your institution endpoint
    Transfer to your institution's server to save personal diskspace. Only available if your institution has a Globus account.




    2. Your personal endpoint
    Transfer to your own computer file system.

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    Each endpoint name is associated with institution name, e.g.  Diamond Light Source Data, is Diamond's endpoint.


    • On the right "Search tab" you can search for your institution's endpoint name.Suggestion will automatically appear.
    • If you cannot find it, contact your institution's IT department to see if they have an endpoint set up.





    • If your institution does not have an endpoint, we recommend that you make a request to your institution to setup (for setup follow  globus ).
    • Alternatively, you can set up your own personal endpoint (see step 5. below)
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    If your institution does not have a Globus endpoint, you can create your own endpoint to transfer files to your personal computer. You need to have a globusid to be able to donwload globus connect personal.


    Download and install Globus Connect Personal (GCP) for your operating system (Mac, Linux or Windows).  Follow standard instruction for download and install:   gcpdownload   and gcpinstall.


    • For installation, administrator permissions are required.
    • After installation completed Globus Connect Server app will launch




    • Click on 'Log In' in order to authenticate with Globus and begin the Collection Setup process. During the login process, the app will redirect user to globus web application from where globus service will grant access and register your Globus Connect Personal endpoint. User identities will also be linked.


    Once setup by globus service is granted, user can continue with GCP setup. 


    •  Add details of your collection name and endpoint description you want to share or transfer/to data with your globus connect personal.





    • After successful setup, exit app and view collection details or move data




    Configuration TIps

    • If you have a removable drive - such as a USB drive - you will need to configure the Accessible Folders settings for your endpoint as discussed below to be able to access it via your endpoint.
    • Access tab will let you set permissions for your data collection. Default directory setup is your home directory, use "+"  to add another transfer folder for your data, or "-" to remove folder and save changes.




    • The "General" tab allows you to specify whether you want Globus Connect Personal to run when Windows starts and whether the software should automatically check for updates.
    • Is recommended to leave the "Automatically check for updates" box checked, to ensure that you are running the most stable and secure version of Globus Connect Personal at all times. 




    You are now set up ready to send and receive files via the Globus web interface.


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    • Navigate to Diamond directories to locate your data using following Path:





    • Navigate to the folder you want to transfer to in your institution or personal endpoint.


    • Select the files or folders you want to transfer.

    Click 'More Options' to set your transfer settings


    Click Transfer or Sync to... in the command panel on the right side of the page. A new collection panel will open, with a "Transfer or Sync to" field at the top of the panel.


    Click the Start> button to transfer the selected files to the collection in the right panel. Globus will display a green notification panel—​confirming that the transfer request was submitted—​and add a badge to the Activity item in the command menu on the left of the page.






    • See the 'Activity' tab for your data status transfer

    You will receive an email with the transfer details when it is complete


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