Access Diamond desktop


Users can be able to access Diamond’s computers to perform remote experiments or fetch their data remotely. Diamond's computers can be accessed from your own computer with the NoMachine software.
- During beamtime you can perform experiments or access data
- Outside beamtime you can view and download data, as well as run it through the beamline's processing software.


  • 1. Run the NoMachine software on your computer

    If you have NoMachine > run the software

    If you don't have NoMachine > Click here to download


    First time NoMachine users: Click 'Don't show this message again' and 'Continue' on the welcome screen

  • 2. Create a new connection

    • Click on the computer icon


    • On the next screen, click continue


    • Copy and Paste the below into the Host field, and click continue


    • Click 'Continue' on the next two screens (password and proxy)




    • Click 'Done' on the final screen (you can rename your connection if you wish


    You will now be prompted to 'Connect to your session'.
    > Follow step 3 below.

  • 3. Connect to your session

    • Double-click on your highlighted connection

    • If prompted to trust the host key, click 'Yes'


    • Enter your FedID and password.

    Do not click 'Save this password in the connection file' as this represents a security risk.


    • Double-click 'Create a new virtual desktop'.

    This will begin the connection to the Diamond computer.


    • Check your display settings and click 'OK '.
    • Select 'Do not show this message again' if you wish


    You should now be presented with a standard Diamond Linux desktop environment.


  • 4. Tune your display (optional)

    NoMachine allows extensive tuning of how the session is displayed. Access these settings via the NoMachine menu panel.

    • Click on the red !M icon and select 'Show the menu panel'.



    • Amend your settings as desired



  • 5. What next?

    Now you will be able to access your data or run your experiment.