• How do I get the GDA desktop icons?


    On workstation 1 if you double click the desktop icon marked "i0x_Launchers" a window will open with GDA icons.

    On all linux workstations if you double click the icon marked "DLS_Launchers" a window will open with icons for Firefox, ADXV etc.

  • How do I run the data acquisition GUI?

    Double click on the icon called ‘Start GDA Client’.

  • Who do I call for help outside office hours?

    After 6pm (1pm on weekends), call the Experimental Hall Coordinators on 8787. If they can fix the problem, they will, if not, they will call someone who can.

  • Can I go in the hutch? The ‘Beam On’ sign is lit.

    The red ‘Beam On’ sign means the hutch is searched and locked, and so there could be x-rays in the hutch. If you have closed the experimental shutter, you can press the Open Hutch button, and the door will unlock.

  • There's something wrong with my image...

    Have a look at the troubleshooting page.

  • How do I run a software package without an icon?

    You can use the ‘Other Software’ icon, or follow these instructions:

    First make sure you are in the processing directory, then in a terminal type

    cd /dls/i0x/data/2008/mxProposal-number/processing

    where i0x is your beamline and mxProposal-number is your proposal and visit number, eg mx300-1.

    To see a list of available software, type:

    module avail

    To load the correct environment for the software, type:

    module load <modulename> e.g. module load chooch

    Then load the program as usual, e.g. chooch –e Se –a K scan1.dat

  • Where’s the beam centre?

    The X and Y positions of the beam are automatically inserted into your image header. If you need to do this manually, they should be found in the "Experiment Control" tab.

  • Help! The GDA isn’t responding.

    Try restarting the GUI, see above (if you can’t close it, use the xkill command to do so). If that doesn’t work, you could try restarting the GDA servers. This takes a few minutes. Close the GUI, then double click the icon marked ‘Restart GDA Server’.

  • What’s that really loud alarm?

    That’s the oxygen depletion alarm; it’s controlled by the large box behind the GDA workstation. Press the large red ‘Alarm Reset’ button or the ‘Accept / Reset’ button to mute it, and then call the Experimental Hall Coordinators on 8787.

  • How do I get the oxygen level back up?

    The Experimental Hall Coordinators will let you unlock the hutch and then open the double doors and the fire exit doors. Once the oxygen level rises above 19% you may re-enter the hutch.

  • Who do I call for more liquid nitrogen?

    Call the Experimental Hall Coordinators on 8787.

  • Where did the beam go?

    You can find the beam status by clicking the icon marked "Beam Status". The GDA software should automatically stop your data collection if the beam goes, but you may have to redo some images. You can begin using the beam again when the "Port" shutter light goes green.

  • Can I work here alone?

    Yes, although we would recommend that a minimum of 2 people are required for a shift. The Experimental Hall Coordinators must be informed when somebody is working on their own.

  • How do I acknolwedge Diamond beamlines in publications?

    See this page for guidance.

  • What if my question isn’t answered here?

    This is only a FAQ, so please use the menus at the top to find more information. Or you could ring your local contact, their number is probably on the whiteboard. But after 6pm (1pm on weekends) please call 8787.