Advanced Infrared Microspectroscopy Analysis Training - QUASAR software

Mar 23. till Mar 25.

Advanced Infrared Microspectroscopy Analysis Training - QUASAR software

To address the infrared user community's need for a user-friendly and open-source software for data analysis, the B22 MIRIAM beamline at Diamond Light Source in collaboration with the SMIS beamline at SOLEIL are organising a 2-day hands-on workshop to introduce the QUASAR software.

23/03/20212021-03-23 - 25/03/20212021-03-25
Online (Via Zoom)


This 2-day advanced hands-on training will take place online, on the 23rd and 25th March 2021, and is targeted at Infrared users (current, future or potential) working on biomedical applications, material-engineering, physical-chemical sciences, and more.

The purpose of this training is to provide an advanced training to the QUASAR software, using tutorials and examples on real-life IR microscopy (Raman) and IR imaging datasets.

What is QUASAR?

QUASAR is an open-source software for hyperspectral imaging techniques (based on the Orange machine learning and data visualization suite).

QUASAR allows user-friendly analysis using visual programming. Routine tools like baseline correction, normalization, different versions of EMSC, differentiation and smoothing can be combined with multivariate statistical and machine learning methods, such as principal component analysis or various clustering methods. Savable and shareable workflows ensure consistent analysis across different projects, or the development of different analysis to same large dataset. Visualization tools enable quick inspection of the data and the results of the analyses.


  • Ferenc Borondics, SOLEIL 
  • Marko Toplak, University of Ljubljana


  • Spectral Preprocessing
  • Advanced visualization
  • Statistical inspection of data
  • PCA
  • PCA imaging
  • Supervised learning
    • Classification of spectra and hyperspectral datasets using various methods
    • Model inspection and cross-validation
    • Common errors
  • Unsupervised learning
    • Clustering of spectra and hyperspectral datasets
    • Common errors
    • Advanced Data analysis, model building, predictions, caveats
  • Hands-on exercises

Provisional agenda

  22nd March  23rd March  25th March 

Morning (GMT)

  Theory Theory
  Lunch break Lunch break
Afternoon (GMT)      Practicals Group A Practicals group B
  Coffee break Coffee break
QUASAR installation Practicals group B Practicals Group A


Please note that timings to be confirmed will be UK time zone (GMT).


Applications are now closed. All applicants will be informed on the result of their application on 15th March 2021.

Please note that places on this training course are limited. In the case of oversubscription there will be a limit on attendees per organisation. Participants will be selected on a fair distribution basis across the research groups, giving priority to early career scientists.


If you have any question or you need any further information, please contact

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