Synchrotron Industry News Structural Biology Newsletter Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of the Structural Biology newsletter from Diamond! 
The scientific and technical teams at Diamond have been working hard to enhance your experience as a user with a series of new developments and upgrades. Diamond's user community has greatly benefited from improved fast raster scans to locate and centre crystals, large capacity sample changers with less than 15 seconds exchange time and state of the art Pilatus 6M detectors. The XChem platform for fragment screening has now become an essential and heavily subscribed part of the Diamond’s structural biology platform.
Striving to provide a cutting edge technical environment, the team at Diamond has been concentrating its development efforts on the new in situ versatile MX beamline VMXi, upgrades of the B21 beamline and the development of the new submicron micro/nanofocus MX beamline VMXm

We hope that this newsletter will help to keep you up to date with the very latest developments, updates and events on our structural biology beamlines. If you have any ideas or suggestions for events that you would find interesting or useful, please do let us know at