Nathan Cowieson


Nathan Cowieson is Principle Beamline Scientist on the solution State SAXS beamline, B21.

Tel: +44 (0)1235 567504

I have spent my working life in structural biology. While my training is in crystallography I quickly formed a strong ethos of "the right tool for the right job" and began using combinations of biochemical and biophysical techniques to answer what I saw as the biggest questions. I am interested in protein dynamics: how assembly of complexes, conformational changes and flexibility play a role in protein function. While there have been lots of studies of these things over the years I believe there is still not a good way of measuring molecular flexibility and movement in a quantitative manner. I hate talking of what might be possible without acting to make it possible. This attitude has driven me to developed a high level of skill in instrument development and particularly in process automation allowing large amounts of data from disparate techniques to be measured analysed and recorded. In this I have made a significant contribution to my own research and the research of the structural biology community.

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Research data supporting" Light-responsive self-assembly of a cationic azobenzene surfactant at high concentration" 2021, C Blayo, EA Kelly, J Houston, N Khunti, N Cowieson, RC Evans

Beamline setup & calibration quality control for synchrotron MX beamlines, 2021, D Aragao, N Cowieson, Acta Cryst 77, C820

Controlling the formation and alignment of low molecular weight gel ‘noodles’

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