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Pierre Aller is a senior beamline scientist with the UK XFEL-Hub. After a Ph.D. on Molecular Dynamic Simulation, Pierre moved to the University of Vermont (Burlington, USA) for a post-doc. He studied protein crystallography for 6 years on DNA polymerase, before joining Diamond in August 2011 as senior support scientist for MX village. Since July 2016 he has become beamline scientist working for the UK XFEL Hub led by Allen Orville.

Email: pierre.aller@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 123577 8183

Techniques and Disciplines

Latest Publications

Current Research Interests

My main research interests are structural biology and beamline instrumentation development.

With the rise of XFEL technology and serial synchrotron crystallography (SSX) we are facing several challenges from sample preparation and delivery, and data processing. All these area need to be optimised and one of my focus is sample delivery using acoustic methods on demand for XFEL and synchrotron sources. Our aim is to reduce significantly the amount of sample needed for an experiment. The accoustic method on demand has already been used successfully at XFELs and we are working to adapt and miniaturize this technique for synchrotron and XFEL for time resolved studies.

One of the accoustic methods we are using is PolyPico. In collaboration with i24 we used picolitre dispenser PolyPico to load chips for fixed target. We were able to reduce the sample needed by more than one order of magnitude (Davy et al., 2019).





My main collaborators are:





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