Annette Kleppe


Principal Beamline Scientist I15

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778672

Techniques and Disciplines

Other Specialist Areas

  • High-pressure
  • Diamond-anvil cell
  • Raman spectroscopy

Latest Publications

My research interests span the fields of high-pressure high-temperature Earth and Planetary Science. My aim is to contribute to our understanding of the structure, composition, formation, and evolution of the Earth’s and planetary interiors by investigating experimentally the physical and chemical properties of geological (silicates, oxides and iron alloyed with light elements) and planetary materials (gases, ices and their compounds).

I'm currently involved in is the characterisation of new minerals in collaboration with Mark Welch and Mike Rumsey, Natural History Museum, London.

You can find out more about my role at Diamond and me on my staff profile page.

Selected recent publications

Rumsey M.S., Welch M.D., Spratt J., Kleppe A.K., Števko M. (2021) Kernowite, Cu2Fe(AsO4)(OH)4⋅4H2O, the Fe3+-analogue of liroconite from Cornwall, UK. Mineralogical Magazine, doi: 10.1180/mgm.2021.40

Rumsey, M.S., Welch, M.D., Spratt, J., Kleppe, A.K. (2020) Grguricite, CaCr2(CO3)2(OH)4.4H2O, a new alumohydrocalcite analogue, Mineralogical Magazine, doi 10.1180/mgm.2020.66

Najorka, J., Kleppe, A.K., Welch M.D. (2019) The effect of pressure and composition on Cu-bearing hydroxide perovskite (2019) Physics and Chemistry of Minerals doi 10.1007/s00269-019-01047-9

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