Mirian Garcia-Fernandez


Dr. Mirian Garcia-Fernandez is a Beamline Scientist on I21

Email: mirian.garcia@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 1235 77 83 60

Techniques and Disciplines


Mirian studied physics in the University of Oviedo in Asturias, Spain. After graduating in 2003, she obtained a fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Science for postgraduate studies in the Spanish CRG beamline, Spline, of the ESRF. That was her first contact with Synchrotron research, and after that she decided to pursue her PhD using synchrotron related techniques. 

In 2006 She started her PhD at the Swiss Light Source. During this period, she studied electronic properties of strongly correlated electron systems using soft x-ray resonant scattering among other techniques under the supervision of Dr. Urs Staub. In 2009 she obtained her PhD diploma from the ETH having Professor Dr. Frisso van der Veen as PhD advisor. 

During her first postdoc she joined the group of Prof. Dr. Philip Aebi in the University of Fribourg to study strongly correlated electron system with photoemission spectroscopy. 

During her second postdoc in the group of John Hill at Brookhaven National Lab in New York, she was responsible for a project that focussed in combining electron diffraction and soft x-ray resonant diffraction for the study of fluctuations of magnetic nano domains in manganites.

After the experience working with zone plates and performing experiments in the nano regime she grew interested in this field of physics and in February 2014 she joined the I13 - coherence and imaging beamline in Diamond as Senior Support Scientist. 

Since 2015 she is part of the I21-RIXS beamline team. 

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