Larissa Ishibe-Veiga


Larissa Ishibe-Veiga is a Principal Beamline Scientist on I06.



Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778869

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Current Research Interests

My current research involves using advanced polarised X-ray scattering and absorption techniques to study emergent phenomena in quantum materials. I am particularly interested in understanding the intricate interplay between electronic, magnetic, and crystal structures of strongly correlated electron materials by exploring x-ray dichroic effects. Examples include quantum ordered phases in materials that combine electronic correlations and strong spin-orbit coupling (4d, 5d transition metal oxides), charge density waves in superconductors, metal-insulator transitions in complex oxides and multiple ordering phenomena in multiferroics.

Additionally, I have a keen interest in manipulating emergent phenomena by external stimuli, such as strain, electrical current/voltage, and understanding the resulting changes by employing polarised X-ray scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopies.

I obtained my PhD in Physics at University of Campinas, Brazil, working at the Brazilian Synchrotron Source and Advanced Photon Source, ANL. My PhD work was focused on the study of magnetic, electronic and structural properties of rare-earth and 3d-5d transition metal oxides under high pressure. During my PhD, I extensively used soft and hard x-ray absorption spectroscopy to probe these systems and how they changed under application of pressure.

After completing my PhD, I moved to Petra III – DESY in Hamburg, for my postdoctoral work. There, I investigated quantum ordered phases in Osmates and Iridates by using resonant elastic x-ray scattering. In 2017 I moved to London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL, where I continued to work as postdoctoral fellow on the same type of materials using advanced polarised X-ray scattering and absorption techniques, in the hard and soft X-ray range.

In 2020 I joined I06 as Beamline Scientist and became Principal Beamline Scientist in March 2022. Since joining I06, I have been working mainly on XMCD/XMLD experiments using the superconducting magnet, as well as resonant elastic x-ray scattering using the DD system. A significant portion of my time is devoted to the development of the beamline. This includes tasks such as developing new functionalites for the end-stations, such as new sample envrionments, and creating new softwares for data visualisation and analysis.

In addition to my own research activities, I also engage with the user community across a broad spectrum of research topics. This encompasses helping users in conducting their experiments, offering guidance on proposal writing, and advising on experiment strategies. Additional responsabilities includes scheduling user experiments, maintaining the beamline, executing upgrade projects, establishing new facilities, and participating in the recruitment of new staff for I06 and other beamlines across Diamond. 

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