Dec 12. till Dec 14.

3rd Annual APXPS Workshop

The 3rd annual APXPS workshop will bring together scientists from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, including catalysis, electrochemistry, and environmental science, to discuss the latest developments in the application of Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to the study of interfaces under operating conditions. This workshop follows successful previous meetings at SOLEIL Paris and ALS, Berkeley.

12/12/20162016-12-12T09:00:00 - 14/12/20162016-12-14T16:00:00
09:00 - 16:00
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Diamond Light Source is proudly hosting the 2016 APXPS workshop, following the two successful workshops at SOLEIL/France in 2014 and at Berkeley Lab/US in 2015. APXPS is a three-day event featuring 10 keynote/invited speakers, delegate presentations, a poster session, a discussion session, suppliers exhibition, an evening social event and a tour of Diamond Light Source. A one-day pass is also available.
APXPS will bring together scientists from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, including catalysis, electrochemistry, and environmental science. The main objectives of the workshop are to:

  • provide an overview of the state of the art in this fast developing field;
  • advertise APXPS technique among surface chemists and physical chemists;
  • discuss future developments – planned or under construction;
  • examine how this technique combines with theoretical approaches.


APXPS 2016 Scientific Commitee

  • Markus Ammann, Paul Scherrer Institut
  • Hendrik Bluhm, LBNL Chemical Sciences Divisions and Advanced Light Source
  • Axel Knop-Gericke, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, BESSY
  • Hiroshi Kondoh , Photon Factory
  • Zhi Liu, Shanghai Synchrotron Light Source
  • B.Simon Mun, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  • Virginia Pérez Dieste, ALBA synchrotron
  • Tulio da Rocha, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source (LNLS)
  • Francois Rochet, UPMC, SOLEIL
  • Joachim Schnadt, MAX-IV Laboratory and Lund University
  • Sven Schroeder, Diamond Light Source, Leeds University

Confirmed Speakers

We are delighted to confirm the following speakers will contribute to the APXPS2016 Programme:

  • Ethan Crumlin, Advanced Light Source, USA
  • Tugce Eralp, Johnson Matthey, UK
  • Jean-Jacques Gallet, Synchrotron SOLEIL, France
  • Michael Hävecker, BESSY
  • Zhi Lui, Shaghai University, China
  • Anders Nilsson, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Karsten Reuter, LMU, Munich, Germany
  • Achim Schnadt, Lund University, Sweden
  • Bernd Winter, BESSY, Germany

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