Kawal Sawhney


Kawal Sawhney is the Principal Beamline Scientist on the beamline B16 and head of the Optics and Metrology group. 

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778169

Latest Publications

Current Research Interests

  • Design and development of synchrotron radiation beamlines
  • Instrumentation and methods development for X-ray optics
  • Development and application of micro- and nano-focusing X-ray optic (refractive and reflective)
  • At-wavelength (i.e. using X-rays) metrology of beamline optics
  • Optical metrology of X-ray optics X-ray spectrometry (X-ray fluorescence, X-ray stadning waves)


  • At-wavelength Metrology of X-ray Optics at Diamond Light Source Kawal Sawhney , Hongchang Wang , John Sutter , Simon Alcock and Sebastien Berujon, Synchrotron Radiation News, 26:5, 17(2013)
  • X-ray phase microscopy using the speckle tracking technique Sebastien Berujon, Hongchang Wang, Ian Pape and Kawal Sawhney, Appl. Phys. Lett., 102,154105 (2013)
  • Characterisation of a novel super-polished bimorph mirror Kawal Sawhney, Simon Alcock, John Sutter, Sebastien Berujon, Hongchang Wang and Riccardo Signorato, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 425, 052026 (2013)
  • Bimorph mirrors: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Simon G. Alcock, John P. Sutter, Kawal J.S. Sawhney, David R. Hall, Katherine McAuley, Thomas Sorensen, Nucl. Instrum. & Meths., A710, 87 (2013)
  • X-ray wavefront characterization of a Fresnel zone plate using a two-dimensional grating interferometer Hongchang Wang, Sebastien Berujon, Ian Pape, Simon Rutishauser, Christian David, Kawal Sawhney , Optics Letters 38, 827 (2013)
  • X-ray standing wave induced Compton and elastic scattering from thin periodic multilayer structures M. K. Tiwari, H. Wang, K. J. S. Sawhney, M. Nayak, and G. S. Lodha, Phys. Rev. B, 87, 235401 (2013)

Kawal Sawhney is the Principal Beamline Scientist for Diamond’s Test beamline B16 and is also the head of the Optics and Metrology Group.

Educated in India, he undertook post-doctoral work in the field of X-ray Optics at BESSY-II in Germany. Prior to joining Diamond in 2004, Kawal was the head of the Beamlines Section at the Indian synchrotron facilities Indus-1 and Indus-2, where he oversaw design, construction and operation of several beamlines.

His main interests are in designing beamline optics and carrying out research in the field of x-ray optics and metrology.

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