Viral Pathogens Symposium

Nov 24. till Nov 25.

Viral Pathogens Symposium

Covering the topics of Emerging Diseases, Vaccinology, Anti-Viral Therapies, and New Technologies, this two day symposium will bring together the key players in the global fight against viruses.

24/11/20152015-11-24 - 25/11/20152015-11-25
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK


Taking place at the UK’s national synchrotron facility, this symposium will gather together world-leading experts in viral pathogen research to look at the key scientific facets of virology and the role that structural approaches can play in the development of therapeutics against viral diseases. Discussion sessions and invited talks will cover four main themes: emerging diseases; vaccinology; anti-viral therapies; and new technologies. The symposium will present an opportunity to share ideas and spark new collaborations, with the outcome of a timey scientific landscape report on new approaches to emerging Zoonotic diseases.

Confirmed Speakers and Chairs

Thomas Bowden - STRUBI, UK  
Bryan Charleston - Pirbright Institute, UK
Wah Chiu - Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Stephen Cusack - EMBL, France
Jon Grimes - Diamond Light Source/STRUBI, UK
Juha Huiskonen - STRUBI, UK
Mark von Itzstein - Griffith University, Australia
Jason McLellan - Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, USA
Phil Minor - National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, UK
Johan Neyts - University of Leuven, Belgium
Robin Owen, Diamond Light Source
Zihe Rao - Tsinghua University, China
Felix Rey, Institut Pasteur, France
David Rowlands - University of Leeds, UK
John Skehel - The Francis Crick Institute
David Stuart - Diamond Light Source/STRUBI, UK
Andrew Thompson - SOLEIL, France
Alain Townsend - Radcliffe Department of Medicine, UK