Diamond Active Samples Active Beamline Workshop

May 18. till May 18.

Diamond Active Samples Active Beamline Workshop

An Active Samples Workshop to enable discussion over the necessary steps for the proper exploitation of Diamond by the nuclear science community.

18/05/20152015-05-18 - 18/05/20152015-05-18
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

Event Overview

Diamond Active Samples Active Beamline workshop
18th May 2015
Diamond Light Source

At the National Nuclear Users Forum (NNUF) Meeting in Leeds last year, there was a brief discussion of the results of the survey carried out by Melissa Denecke and Fred Mosselmans on the experiments people might want to undertake at Diamond upon active materials.

There will be a workshop at Diamond on the 18th May to enable that discussion to continue in order to reach a consensus over the necessary steps for the proper exploitation of Diamond by the nuclear science community. The Keynote speaker will be Steve Conradson, beamline responsible of the MARS beamline at Soleil, who will discuss that beamline’s set-up and science profile.

Workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to present the science they want to do at Diamond, discussing both the activity of the samples they want to study and the X-ray techniques necessary for them to answer their research questions.

Discussion will focus on two questions.

1) Whether there is a need for a dedicated active beamline at Diamond and

2) Which existing beamlines at Diamond could be upgraded to enable some of this science to take place safely. 

Event Details

The workshop will start at 10.45 on 18th May and is scheduled to finish by 17.00. The exact length will depend partly on the no. of attendees.

We are pleased to announce that the Environmental Radioactivity Network (http://www.envradnet.co.uk/) has agreed to sponsor this meeting and they will fund all reasonable travel and accommodation expenses of meeting attendees.

Numbers for the workshop will be capped at 35 to enable all the attendees to participate fully in the meeting.

Finally, you may be encouraged to learn that Diamond is already talking to NNUF about funding for an active materials laboratory at Diamond to make experiments here more straightforward. 


Diamond Active Materials Active Beamline workshop 18th May 2015

10.45 Introduction. Fred Mosselmans

10.55 Steven Conradson (Soleil)

11.45 X-ray Spectroscopies
• Carolyn Pearce: University of Manchester
• Neil Hyatt: University of Sheffield
• Kath Morris: University of Manchester

12.45 Lunch

13:30 Types of X-ray scattering
• Sam Shaw: University of Manchester
• Felix Hofmann: University of Oxford
• Joy Farnaby: Imperial College

14.30 Tomography
• Jonathan Hyde: NNL
• Melissa Denecke: Dalton Nuclear Institute
• Zhenjun Yang: University of Manchester

15.30 Tea

16:00 Assorted Techniques
• Paul Mummery : University of Manchester
• Clint Sharrad: University of Manchester

16:45 Final Round –up – Next Steps

Speakers will get about 16 minutes each leaving ten minutes at the end of each hour for questions/discussion.



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If you require accommodation, please contact the onsite guest house Ridgeway House (email: ridgewayhouse@stfc.ac.uk or phone: 01235 445500).

We have reserved some rooms for delegates, available on a first come first serve basis at a cost of £60 B&B per night. Please quote reference 61154 when booking.

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