The successful exploitation of the intense, brilliant and coherent light from Diamond is strongly dependent on the quality and performance of beamline optics. The Optics and Metrology group provide expert support to Diamond beamlines in the design, procurement, acceptance testing and optimisation of all beamline optics.

To extend Diamond’s capability and achieve world leading performance, the group is also actively involved in research and development in the field of X-ray optics and specialised optical systems. B16, Diamond’s Test beamline, is also part of the Optics and Metrology group.

The main activities of the group are:

  • Optics design and simulation of beamlines
  • Specification and procurement of beamline optics
  • Optical Metrology of x-ray optics
  • B16 Test beamline
  • At-wavelength (i.e. using x-rays) metrology of x-ray optics
  • Precision metrology: high precision motion and vibration testing of beamline components
  • Support beamline scientists in commissioning and optimisation of beamline optics (bimorph mirrors, bendable mirrors, monochromators, CRLs ...)
  • Development of micro- / nano- focusing optics (refractive, reflective)
  • Polarisation characterisation of soft x-ray beamlines
  • Development of wavefront propagation codes for partially-coherent synchrotron radiation
  • Research and development in x-ray optics

B16 Test Beamline

This is a flexible and versatile beamline for testing new developments in optics and detector technology and for trialling new experimental techniques. The beamline provides both white and monochromatic X-rays in several operational modes.

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Energy: 4 - 45 keV