Safety, Health and Environment

  • Policy statement

    Diamond is committed to injury and ill-health prevention, minimisation of pollution and resource usage and promotion of positive mental and physical wellbeing. This includes designing, managing and maintaining its premises, structures and equipment so as to minimise the safety, health and environmental (SHE) risks associated with their construction, maintenance, use and decommission.


    As part of its endeavour to be a leading-edge scientific research facility, Diamond’s Board of Directors considers the effective management of SHE matters to be of prime importance.  As such, it undertakes to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace.

  • Who does this policy apply to?

    This policy applies to all Diamond Users and persons working with us, for us, or on our behalf in any capacity, including Diamond Employees, joint appointees, seconded workers, collaborators, members of our advisory groups/committees, members of our peer review panels, students, volunteers, interns, agents, contractors (specifically including suppliers and casual and agency staff), external consultants and third-party representatives (“you”).

  • Who is responsible for this policy?

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has overall responsibility for SHE and this policy. The CEO also ensures that Diamond’s Executive Directors and the Board of Directors proactively considers and reviews SHE issues. Executive Directors and associated management and supervisory teams will determine and commit sufficient resources and effort within their functional area to achieve SHE obligations. This includes the appointment of competent persons and advisors.


    Executive Directors are committed to ensuring cooperation and coordination across Diamond groups and expect management to actively lead this process within Diamond and with you.


    Any queries or suggestions relating to this policy should be sent to

  • Compliance with other policies, regulations, procedures and SHE rules

    Compliance with relevant SHE legislation, codes of practice and guidance are regarded as the minimum standard to be achieved.

    This policy should be read in conjunction with Diamond User Safety, Health and Environmental Rules and other relevant Diamond policies and procedures, all of which you will be required to comply with. 

  • Standards

    Diamond’s SHE management system is modelled on recognised standards and will be achieved by integration with its management processes. This includes a commitment to continuous improvement and the setting of objectives. Clear performance indicators will be monitored, together with suitable audit and review processes. 

  • Engagement

    Diamond actively consults Diamond Employees on SHE matters and fully accepts its responsibilities to you, to visitors and others affected by its activities. Diamond requires you to cooperate with implementing this policy, associated rules and procedures. You are expected to work safely and adhere to the letter and spirit of this policy and report any practices or conditions that pose risk to safety, health or the environment.

  • Breach of this policy

    Breach of this policy may:

    (a) In the case of Diamond Employees, result in disciplinary action.

    (b) In the case of individuals who are not Diamond employees, result in termination of any contract that they may have in place with Diamond and/or termination of their access to Diamond.

  • Amendments to this policy

     This policy will be kept under review and may be revised by Diamond from time-to-time as considered appropriate.  It will be the most recently published version of this policy that will apply if any issue arises which needs to be addressed under it.