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Job Title Beamline Scientist / Senior Beamline Scientist, I07
Job Reference 111/17/TH
Post Type Full time, permanent
Division Physical Science
Salary information £32,805 to £38,593 (Discretionary range to £44,382) and £42,297 to £49,761 (Discretionary range to £57,225) for appointment at the senior level
Application deadline 19/11/2017

Job Description

The position is based at Beamline I07 at Diamond, which is designed for grazing incidence diffraction using an intense x-ray beam (6-30 keV) to study the structure and morphology of surfaces and interfaces. The successful applicant will work on this state-of-the art beamline which is used to study the structures formed over a range of length scales, from sub-angstrom positional information of atoms in well-ordered structures to the morphology of nanostructures. It enables accurate determination of structures at the surface of a material or an interface between two materials. The experiments will be carried out in a number of different sample environments, including ultrahigh vacuum, liquid layers or buried solid interfaces.

Suitable candidates should be familiar with the principles of synchrotron crystal truncation rod analysis, grazing incidence x-ray diffraction, x-ray reflectivity or grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering, and he/she should have a strong interest in a specific area of surface science (e.g. ultrahigh vacuum, soft matter surfaces, photovoltaics). The position will involve participating in beamline upgrades and defining/leading some of the development projects. Experience of surface diffraction instrumentation and methodology, structure solution and refinement and additional knowledge of related techniques (e.g. LEED, RHEED, ellipsometry, AFM/STM) would be an advantage.

The sucessful candidate will help maintain the beamline including the end-station, and provide user support by assisting visiting scientists to carry out a wide range of experiments. The selected candidate will be expected to lead their own research activities on the beamline and elsewhere.

Duties - working with the surface and interface diffraction beamline team in the following areas:

  • Provide operational support for the beamline. Interact closely with the users of the facility;
  • Work closely with the PBS including the design, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning of beamline components to ensure delivery of a high quality beamline;
  • Develop own research in an area relevant to the beamline;
  • Assist with the procurement of the beamline components, including writing system specifications, the management of contracts and liaison with suppliers;
  • Development, testing and commissioning of sample environment equipment and peripheral equipment;
  • Assist with maintenance and development of the beamline and support laboratory;
  • Advise on the development of data acquisition, visualization and analysis software;
  • Actively participate in beamline reviews including preparation of documentation;
  • When required perform administrative duties for the wider organisation: e.g. secretary to the Facility Access Panels, interview panels.

Additional duties for appointment at the Senior Beamline Scientist level:

  • Lead structured programmes of research in an area relevant to the beamline, promoting findings both internally and externally by attending conferences and publishing results in high quality journals. Apply for research grants and recruit/supervise PDRA’s, and students for these projects;
  • Lead the design testing, installation and commissioning of some of the beamline and support laboratory upgrade projects, including project management and budgetary and resource planning;
  • Provide specialist professional advice to the organisation as required, e.g. to act as a consultant to external industrial and academic users on potential applications of synchrotron science for their research;
  • Organise and chair Beamline Safety and Technical meetings to ensure the project is delivered to the organisation’s requirements and within legal boundaries;
  • Lead the hazard and risk assessment process to minimise risks to people and equipment and take responsibility for the timely completion of required documentation.

Qualification & Experience - Essential

  • Appropriate First Degree;
  • Higher (MSc, PhD) degree, equivalent qualification or experience;
  • Relevant synchrotron research experience;
  • Experience or knowledge of surface X-ray diffraction, reflectometry or other closely related techniques;
  • Ability to lead own research project including budget and resource management;
  • Ability and initiative to get to the heart of the problem and take it effectively through to completion;
  • Good interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  • Good organisational and planning skills;
  • Ability to interact effectively with staff at all levels;
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Self-motivation;
  • Must be available to work occasionally out of regular office hours;
  • Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences;
  • Experience of beamline instrumentation and/or sample environment equipment;
  • Experience with related surface science equipment or techniques; e.g. ultrahigh vacuum, LEED, RHEED, ellipsometry, AFM, STM, Langmuir film isotherms.

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

  • Ability to manage a small team (Essential for appointment at the senior level);
  • Experience of x-ray beamlines (Essential for appointment at the senior level);
  • Demonstrated ability to develop a research programme (Essential for appointment at the senior level);
  • Project Management Experience (Essential for appointment at the senior level);
  • Experience of surface diffraction data analysis (e.g. data reduction and structure modelling);
  • Experience with Windows/Linux/Unix;
  • Experience of programming, especially Python and Java.

Further Information

  • Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences.

Applying for employment

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Appointments will be made depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. Electronic Diamond application forms in MS-Word are preferred. These should be emailed to

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