Group Leader Web Development & Support

This vacancy is now closed
Job Title Group Leader Web Development & Support
Job Reference 083/17/CH
Post Type Full time / Permanent
Division Life Science
Salary information £52,692 to £61,991 (Discretionary range to £71,290)
Application deadline 27/08/2017

Job Description

A new Group Leader (equivalent to a high-level Development Manager) is required to play an important role in the realisation of the future vision of a world-leading scientific facility in Oxfordshire.
Diamond Light Source is one of the most advanced scientific facilities in the world. Our organisation houses the UK’s synchrotron light source, a giant microscope that can produce beams of light 10 billion times brighter than the sun, to probe the structure and composition of matter. From viruses and vaccines, to alternative energy solutions and nanotechnology, it underpins research and innovation for more than 10,000 scientists, with over 100 research organisations already utilising its unique services.

The development of synchrotron technology proceeds at a blistering, relentless pace and requires a cutting edge and exceptionally resilient technical estate to facilitate its critical work. With ever increasing needs, including those for remote access and external processing, it is essential that we enhance our solutions architecture to support fully both current and future needs. To help drive our web and mobile-based solutions, a dedicated development team is being established that will take ownership of our current solutions as well as developing substantial and strategic advisories to our overall vision.

You will be joining our successful management team of Group Leaders to build and direct a focused software team. Responsible for a fully-skilled development team of 10, you will implement and support a variety of advanced and bespoke solutions using the latest techniques and trends. The team will not only provide enhancements to our evolving web application processes, but also advise and potentially develop principles, concepts and solutions to that bring other core software solutions into the domain of remote users.
As the successful candidate, you will come from a similar Development Management role, leading the development in a variety of technology suites and arenas. Your core technical knowledge will not only cover those used in our existing solution suite, such as C and Java and Python, based within a UNIX-like environment, but an understanding of cloud and mobile technology solutions, as well as remote working, processing and access would be desirable. You are adept at Agile development sprints and have a solid understanding of security, authentication and system-to-system interfacing solutions.
As a brand new position and team, you will have a unique opportunity to make an immediate impact within Diamond and be instrumental in delivering Diamond’s mission-critical computing solutions. You will join us at our world leading facility, where highly-advanced technology and a wide range of training and mentoring opportunities are at your disposal.