Postdoctoral Research Associate, Beamline I11

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Job Title Postdoctoral Research Associate, Beamline I11
Job Reference 033/17/TH
Post Type Full time, 3 year fixed term
Division Physical Science
Salary information £32,480 to £38,211 (Discretionary range to £43,943)
Application deadline 01/05/2017

Job Description

The PDRA post will be based on Beamline I11, which is built for high-resolution and time-resolved powder diffraction using a high brightness X-ray beam to study the structural properties of polycrystalline materials. Recently, the beamline has been extended by building a new hutch (EH2) for long duration experiments (LDEs). With a wide range of non-ambient sample environments including cryogenic apparatus, humidity cells, gas cells and furnaces, the beamline provides new opportunities for researchers in the fields of materials science, energy, solid state chemistry, earth sciences, engineering and pharmaceuticals. Our aim is to further develop in-house and collaborative research in the fields of energy and the environment such as Li/Na-ion battery and gas storage materials, mineralisation and the natural environment; and other related natural and man-made environmental materials such as carbonate, silicate and other systems.

Suitable candidates should be familiar with the applications of synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction (SXPD) and preference will be given to those who are familiar with other diffraction/scattering methods such as PDF analysis. Applicants should have a strong research interest in one or more of the above, or in closely related fields. The selected candidate will participate in individual and collaborative research activities with the specific remit of developing research relating to energy/environment, using new and existing beamline equipment; involving structural changes induced by variation of temperature, pressure or other physical conditions. The post holder will also be required to work with the beamline team and others staff including participation in user support, beamline commissioning and sample cell developments. It is essential that he/she is familiar with methods of data analysis. Although SXPD is the principal technique on the beamline, the use and support of non-ambient apparatus, bench top instruments such as SEM, Raman, XRF, DSC and their data analysis will also be required.

The PDRA main aims are in-house and collaborative research in the fields of energy or mineral formations, to support user programme and developments of beamline I11.

Work in the team in the following areas:

  • Carrying out in-house research activities (independent and collaborations);
  • Performing experiments, analysing data and publication of results;
  • Keeping up with latest results and research directions internationally;
  • Supporting  users in performing experiments on the beamline,
  • User assistance of data analysis and training;
  • Beamline upgrade, development and testing of new equipment and software;
  • Maintenance of the beamline components and equipment during operations.

Qualification & Experience - Essential

  • Appropriate First Degree;
  • PhD degree;
  • Experience of sample environment equipment;
  • Background in energy storage, mineral systems or related research;
  • Ability and initiative to get to the heart of the problem and take it effectively through to completion;
  • Good interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  • Good organisational and planning skills;
  • Ability to interact effectively with staff at all levels;
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Self-motivation;
  • Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences.

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

  • Experience or knowledge of synchrotrons X-ray powder diffraction;
  • Experience of other diffraction or scattering  techniques;
  • Experience of powder diffraction data analysis (e.g. structure solution and refinement);
  • Experience or knowledge with X-ray beamline and optics;
  • Experience with Windows/Linux/Unix.

Further Information

  • Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences.

Applying for employment

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