Dr Mohsen Danaie


EM Staff Scientist

Email: mohsen.danaie@diamond.ac.uk

Key Research Area


Mohsen completed his PhD at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) in 2010, with thesis on transmission electron microscopy (TEM) characterisation of beam-sensitive Mg-based hydride systems.

In 2011, he started as a postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University and the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy, conducting research on phase transformations in Mg-Fe hydride systems and also on the correlation between alloy microstructure and the corrosion properties of various magnesium alloys. He then joined the atom probe tomography (APT) group in the Department of Materials, University of Oxford, in November 2014.

His research was focused on the characterization of ion radiation damage in various perovskite phases, using aberration-corrected and in-situ heating TEM experiments. He also conducted complementary TEM/APT microstructure characterization on a number of engineering alloys.