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Xanthine-GPCR binding structures herald new Parkinson's treatments

The Problem

Methylxanthines, including caffeine, theophylline (found in tea), and theobromine (a constituent of chocolate) are among the most widely consumed substances in the world, but their effects on the brain are not fully understood. Previously published research has shown a correlation between higher intake of caffeine and lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease. Adenosine A2A receptors regulate the effects of neurotransmitters in the brain, cardiovascular and immune systems, and are of particular interest as a drug target.


Pitting corrosion – looking into industrial processes using time-resolved in situ studies

The Problem

”Corrosion resistant” metals are used in challenging environments and where safety is critical, such as in pipelines, aircraft and nuclear waste storage vessels. But it is precisely these materials that are vulnerable to a form of corrosion known as pitting. Understanding of the mechanisms by which these pits form and propagate may allow engineers to build more accurate models of corrosion to predict the lifetime of components and plan when they need inspecting or replacing.

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