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Measuring stress in breathing apparatus cylinders

The Problem

Luxfer Gas Cylinders have been manufacturing high-pressure self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and life-support cylinders for fire-fighters and first-responders since the early 1970s. Cylinders are required to be increasingly lightweight, efficient and safe storage solutions.  Advanced carbon fibre-wrapped aluminium construction methods and a fabrication process called autofrettage aim to reduce weight and increase maximum working pressures of cylinders. However, since cylinders can be exposed to demanding conditions, it is critical that their structural integrity be maintained.


Mail-in data collection service for MX at Diamond

The Problem
Fragment-based and structure-based drug discovery programmes put a strong emphasis on frequent routine macromolecular crystallography data collection from numerous samples. Other types of projects may only need occasional data collection on a few samples or researchers may need to run an experiment they have not done before. 
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