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Creating crystals: out of this world!

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X-ray structural investigation of macromolecules (proteins, viruses, enzymes etc) is a complex and time consuming process where the quality of information obtained about the three-dimensional structure is strongly dependent on the quality of crystals produced. Therefore, the structures of many important targets of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry remain unknown simply because researchers are unable to obtain crystals of sufficiently high quality or size.


Shining a light on new solar cell materials

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In theory, sufficient energy reaches the earth’s surface from the sun to meet all of our foreseeable energy needs in a sustainable manner. In practice, the best currently available technology for converting solar energy into electricity – the silicon photovoltaic cell - is very expensive and intrinsically difficult to manufacture on a large scale. Organic based photovoltaics (OPV) that can be manufactured using environmentally friendly materials in low temperature, low cost continuous processes could make a significant contribution to total energy demands.

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