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Diamond SAXS industrial beamtime aids Unilever hair care R&D project towards home use trial prototype

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Hair care is a rapidly developing science. Consumers demand more from their products in terms of sensory perception and functionality. Rapid innovation into market is key to growth. Increased product complexity requires greater understanding of the interplay between components and an accurate description of the product microstructure and its rheological and dispersion properties are essential.


Keele University research provides iron clue in Alzheimer's Disease

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By 2021, a million people in the UK will have dementia and yet the cause of the condition is still unknown. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a fatal age-related neurodegenerative disorder characterised by extensive neuronal loss in the higher brain centres, resulting in cognitive decline, memory loss and psychosis. It has been suggested that areas of AD pathology are corresponding to the increased concentrations of brain iron and the toxic form of iron builds up in the same location as the brain lesions caused by Alzheimer’s disease. 

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