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Controlling crystallisation in fuels and biofuels

The Problem

The “freezing” of diesel fuel in winter has been a problem since its inception. Wax crystals nucleate and grow and block fuel lines and filters which can lead to vehicle failures and motorists being stranded. Additives are used to control these crystals but, over recent years, the use of biofuels (fatty acid methyl esters) within diesel blends has become increasingly common.  This can adversely affect the low temperature operability of the fuel. Legislation demands that biofuels are part of diesel blends throughout the EU, with levels expected to increase.


Diamond SAXS industrial beamtime aids Unilever hair care R&D project towards home use trial prototype

The Problem

Hair care is a rapidly developing science. Consumers demand more from their products in terms of sensory perception and functionality. Rapid innovation into market is key to growth. Increased product complexity requires greater understanding of the interplay between components and an accurate description of the product microstructure and its rheological and dispersion properties are essential.

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