Eligibility for Financial Support

  • Policy statement

    Diamond provide Users with financial support for their sessions at Diamond according to the rules set out in this policy. Any financial support provided by Diamond is to cover reasonable expenses incurred by key personnel necessary for a User session at Diamond. Proprietary Users are welcomed, but are not eligible for financial support.


    This policy should be read in conjunction with Diamond’s individual policies on travel, accommodation and subsistence. 

  • Country of Diamond User institution

    • UK Institution - all Diamond Users based at a UK institution at the time of their experiment will be eligible for financial support subject to the conditions set out in this policy and associated rules.
    • EU Institution – Users based at EU institutions are encouraged to seek funding from European projects. Please contact the User Office to find out if Diamond can support the experiment.
    • WW Institution – Users based in an in Worldwide institutes (neither UK or EU) are not eligible for financial support.
  • Number of people supported

    The number of Users supported shall not exceed:*

    • Three - for a session via standard access, long term proposal, rapid access, a commissioning call or in house research
    • Four - for any session outlined above where the ERA has been validated as high or medium risk (and has a red or yellow validated ERA) or for complex experiments with approved justification.
    • Four - for any session via BAG access.**

    *Please note that where Diamond supported Users from an EU institution ask Diamond to cover the costs of shipping samples from the EU, one fewer person will be supported.

    **If there is a special requirement within you BAG, please discuss this with us well in advance of your instrument access.


    Diamond will cover the costs of shipping up to two dewars of samples per shift to MX beamlines and eBIC microscopes from institutes in the UK or EU. Diamond shall not be liable in any way for any loss, damage or delay during the shipping of samples. Please ensure you have adequate insurance to cover these eventualities. 


    Diamond has collaborations with Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and Leeds Universities and does not provide financial support to Users accessing Diamond through these collaborations.

  • Access to Diamond before and after instrument time

    If required, additional access time may be granted to Users before or after their awarded instrument time for a maximum of 2 Users up to: 

    • 5 days before instrument time begins and/or
    • 2 days after instrument time ends.

    No financial support will be provided where a User is only accessing offline laboratories.

  • Who receives support?

    At the point of submitting the session investigators form the Principal Investigator (PI) or Alternate Contact (AC) will nominate members of the team for financial support, by designating them either ‘Diamond Pays’ or ‘User Pays’.


    If designation is not in accordance with this policy, the User Office will contact the PI and suggest an alteration to the designation. If the User Office does not receive a timely response, they will make the required adjustment in accordance with this policy.


    Financial support cannot be shared between Users attending a session at different times.

  • Health and safety statement

    When submitting the session investigators form in UAS, the PI or AC is responsible for registering sufficient competent Users to safely resource their instrument time and/or other work to be carried out at Diamond. This includes considering necessary rest periods and lone working. It may therefore be necessary to bring additional team members to those financially supported by Diamond.