Marie-Christine Zdora Wins Werner Meyer-Ilse prize

Diamond PhD student Marie-Christine Zdora (based at I13) has won the Werner Meyer-Ilse prize at XRM 2018, an International Conference on X-ray Microscopy.
The most prestigious prize in its field, the Werner Meyer-Ilse Memorial Award is given to young scientists for exceptional contributions to the advancement of X-ray microscopy, either through outstanding technical developments or applications. Their achievements must be evidenced by their presentation at XRM and supporting publications.
Marie-Christine Zdora being presented with her Award
Marie-Christine Zdora being presented with her Award

Marie-Christine joined Diamond in June 2015 after studying at Technische Universität München (Germany). Her PhD project (in collaboration with University College London) focuses on the development and implementation of techniques for X-ray phase-contrast imaging. Her research particularly focuses on X-ray speckle-based phase-contrast imaging. This method has recently attracted increased interest, as it combines high-sensitivity quantitative imaging with a simple experimental setup. Marie-Christine’s PhD project involves working on the development and improvement of the X-ray speckle-based technique, as well as demonstrating its applications e.g. for biomedical imaging. The first demonstration of the advanced mode of speckle-based imaging that Marie-Christine developed during her PhD project was published in Physical Review Letters last year (see related publications below).

The paper that Marie-Christine presented at XRM 2018 was Advanced X-ray phase-contrast and dark-field imaging with the unified modulated pattern analysis (UMPA), which was recently published in Microscopy and Microanalysis.
The Werner Meyer-Ilse award consists of a medallion, citation and a US$1,000 cash prize. The award was established to honour the work and legacy of Werner Meyer-Ilse, who was chair of the International Program Committee for XRM’99 and leader of the X-ray microscopy program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Sadly, Werner died in a tragic automobile accident a few days before the 1999 conference. 

Related publications:

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