Hard X-ray Nano Beamline Workshop

Dec 09.

Hard X-ray Nano Beamline Workshop

A workshop on the proposed Hard X-ray Nano beamline

Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

Funding has just been confirmed confirmed for the third tranche of beamlines (Phase 3) for Diamond and the beamline selection process is in progress. The Science Advisory Committee and Diamond directors have asked that two of the beamlines that were submitted to the current beamline selection process as separate beamlines merge to produce a joint full proposal for next January.

These are the nanoprobe and nanosaxs beamline proposals. To facilitate this and help both communities understand the implications of such a merger, we are holding a workshop on the proposed beamline on the 9th December 2010. Support letters for the beamline need to be submitted by the 20th December 2010.

Diamond will pay for the reasonable travel expenses of attendees up to £100. More may be available subject to budgetary constraints. Claim forms will be available at the meeting. The meeting will initially be limited to 40 people.

Contact: Fred Mosselmans


10.00 Registration/Coffee
10.40 Welcome, introduction to the nano beamline. Chris Binns, Leicester University, (Chair of the working group)
10.45 The challenges of hard X-ray nano beamlines, Jens Patommel, TU Dresden
11.25 How a hard X-ray nano beamline will impact on extraterrestrial materials research. John Bridges, Leicester University
11.55 A hard X-ray nano beamline from the EM perspective. Angus Kirkland, Oxford University
12.25 Nano probe discussion
12.45 Lunch
13.25 The ESRF NanoSAXS experience, Manfred Burghammer, ESRF
14.05 Potential impact of the NanoSaxs beamline, Tim Wess, Cardiff University
14.35 Micro/nanoflow assembly and interrogation of complex fluids and soft matter. João Cabral, Imperial College
15.05 NanoSAXS discussion
15.25 Tea/Coffee
15.40 The Diamond hard X-ray nano beamline. Fred Mosselmans, Diamond
16.00 General discussion
16.30 Meeting close