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Diamond Light Source has established itself as a world-class synchrotron facility enabling research by leading academic and industrial groups in physical and life sciences. Diamond has pioneered a model of highly efficient and uncompromised infrastructure offered as a user-focussed service driven by technical and engineering innovation.

To continue delivering the world-changing science that Diamond leads and enables, Diamond-II is a project that will deliver a new machine and new beamlines with a comprehensive series of upgrades to optics, detectors, sample environments, sample delivery capabilities and computing. The user experience will be further enhanced through access to integrated and correlative methods as well as broad application of automation in both instrumentation and analysis. Diamond-II will be transformative in both spatial resolution and throughput and will offer users streamlined access to enhanced instruments for life and physical sciences.

Learn more about the unique opportunities, new beamlines, engineering developments and scientific progress that the Diamond-II will facilitate in the documents below. The Conceptual Design Report offers more details into the upgrade, whilst the Science Case highlights the key opportunities and changes that Diamond-II will bring to each of the scientific disciplines and techniques served by Diamond Light Source.



Remaining Calls for Proposals

Listed below are the remaining calls for proposals before the dark period, where the upgrade will take place. The dates below are for information purposes only and are subject to change:

  • AP36: Wednesday 3rd April 2024 

  • AP37: Wednesday 2nd October 2024  

  • AP38: Wednesday 26th March 2025  

  • AP39: Wednesday 1st October 2025 

  • AP40: Wednesday 1st April 2026 

  • AP41: Wednesday 30th September 2026 

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