Leigh Connor


Senior Industrial Liaison Scientist - Engineering and Diffraction

Email: industry@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1235 778688

Powder X-ray diffraction, high energy 2D X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray diffraction, pair distribution function measurement, X-ray imaging, metallurgical and engineering systems.

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Leigh Connor is a Senior Industrial Liaison Scientist at Diamond Light Source with research expertise in the area of metallurgy and high energy diffraction. He joined the Industrial Liaison Office in March 2012 after working as a post-doctoral research associate on the joint engineering, environmental and processing beamline (I12) at Diamond Light Source. He completed his Rolls-Royce sponsored PhD in 2007, studying nickel base superalloys for gas turbine disc application at the University of Cambridge. Prior to his PhD Leigh worked in industry for a number of years at two metallurgy foundries.

Leigh’s role as a senior industrial liaison scientist is to assist industrial users with engineering and diffraction related projects. Together with other members of the industrial liaison team, he works with industrial users to help solve real world problems by utilising techniques such as powder diffraction, high energy 2D diffraction, X-ray imaging and pair distribution function measurements.

Scientific Interests

In everyday life we use a large variety of engineering materials for many tasks. With improved understanding we can utilise their properties more efficiently by way of improving mechanical performance, longevity, cost of manufacture and environmental impact. My predominant research interests are centred around the study of metallic systems, primarily investigating the effect of material processing on the performance of engineering components used in gas turbine engines. The use of advanced X-ray synchrotron techniques can be applied to these systems to characterise these materials in greater detail and further our fundamental understanding.

My work has used high resolution powder diffraction to describe the crystalline structure of materials down to an atomic scale allowing the development of new metal alloys. The technique is also used to investigate phase transformation the may occur during the application of both thermal and/or mechanical loading to simulate processing or service conditions.

I also work with engineering companies to probe larger scale engineering components to determine residual stress and crystalline texture in components or investigate samples using complex sample environments that can be studied using high energy 2D and energy dispersive diffraction methods. Some of this research is also aimed at developing new novel techniques that can be used to characterise deformation and in particular retrieving volume specific information about a sample.



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